Cosmetic Testing

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  • Cosmetics Animal Testing

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    ANIMAL TESTING ALTERNATIVES IN COSMETICS INDUSTRY Concepts of beauty change among people. However, this idea of beauty sticks to human minds, making it the centre of our lives. Media has been the most influential way to harvest those stereotypes of the perfect image in this society. One of the daily things used by women, although the number of men is growing, are cosmetics. Cosmetics are very handy and affordable ways to improve one's appearance. Mascara, foundation, lotions, creams, and treatments

  • Cosmetic Testing on Animal

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    Cosmetic Testing on Animals Every year, millions of animals suffer and die in painful tests to determine the safety of cosmetics. Substances such as eye shadow and soap are tested on rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, dogs, and other animals, despite the fact that the test results don’t help prevent or treat human illness or injury. Cosmetics are not required to be tested on animals and since non-animal alternatives exist, it’s hard to understand why some companies still continue to conduct these

  • Animal Testing in Cosmetics

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    Simple household items such as lotions, shampoos and cosmetics aren’t very expensive and are within reach for the public, yet the public is not knowledgeable of the fact that the products that they use everyday are put through a series of tests which involve the use of harmless animals. Several large commercial companies do not make products for animals; they decide that using these harmless creatures for the testing of their products, could be cause to be harmful to animals still go forward with

  • Cosmetic Testing with Animals is Cruel

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    Cruelty of Cosmetic Testing on Animals   Each year, thousands of animals are brutally tortured in laboratories, in the name of cosmetic research. A movement to ban animal testing for cosmetic purposes has been gaining popularity, with many companies hopping on the bandwagon against this research. New alternatives have been developed to eliminate the necessity to test on animals. This is only a small beginning of what is necessary to end these immoral acts. Animal testing in cosmetics is useless

  • Advantages Of Animal Testing For Cosmetics

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    Animal testing has become extremely costly. Animal testing results are not quick, especially for cosmetics. When testing a product it needs to be continually applied to detect if it’s going to irritate the skin or eyes. This can take days or weeks. During this time you have to keep the animals alive long enough to see the result. Therefore also having to supply food and water costing even more $$$. For example the eye irritant test involving rabbits to see how a product or chemical will react on

  • The Evils of Cosmetic Animal Testing

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    A lot of people buy cosmetic products being ignorant to the fact that, that one product has killed a lot of animals. How would you like being sprayed with poisonous liquids, taking poisonous eye drops?, or being fed toxic substances? Cosmetic factories have been doing these inhumane things and more to innocent animals for years. According to PETA, every year, millions of animals are poisoned and killed in barbaric tests that were crudely developed as long ago as the 1920s to evaluate the toxicity

  • Cosmetics Testing on Animals, Is It Necessary?

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    for humans to have cosmetics? It is understandable if you want to cover up a scar on your face, but to just wear makeup because you think you need it, or because you feel like you cannot live without it, is ridiculous. Animals should not be dyeing for our insecurities on how we look, or on how society judges us. If society sees someone who is not Barbie or Ken perfect they judge us, so we put makeup on, it is not right for society to do that. Because of their judging cosmetics is being tested on

  • Effects Of Animal Testing On Cosmetics

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    Animal Testing on Cosmetics and its Effects For many years, cosmetics have been introduced to society as products used to enhance or alter the appearance of the body, specifically facial features. Cosmetics are generally mixtures of chemical compounds; some being developed from natural origins, and some being synthetics. It is known that some cosmetic companies test and experiment on animals to see if these products are eligible and safe for humans. Although it can be beneficial for cosmetic users

  • Animal Testing in the Cosmetics Industry

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    Companies testing cosmetics on animals are not just applying lipstick to a rabbit to gauge its reaction; they are looking for irritation, blistering, and swelling. The tests being performed on animals are, oftentimes, painful and can even be fatal. Experiments can range from testing chemicals on skin and eyes, to forcing the animals to ingest lethal doses of product ingredients. Many cosmetic companies currently implementing such testing, ignoring the fact that it is not required by law in the United

  • Argumentative Essay On Cosmetic Animal Testing

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    I Traded My Beauty for Yours: Cosmetic Animal Testing Cosmetic animal testing has been a controversial topic for decades but has recently gained more attention from the media due to oppositional organizations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Those in favor of animal experimentation make the argument that they are taking animals’ lives to save humans’, but is it really necessary to subject animals to torturous conditions or painful experiments in the name of science? Animal