Cosmetics Animal Testing

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ANIMAL TESTING ALTERNATIVES IN COSMETICS INDUSTRY Concepts of beauty change among people. However, this idea of beauty sticks to human minds, making it the centre of our lives. Media has been the most influential way to harvest those stereotypes of the perfect image in this society. One of the daily things used by women, although the number of men is growing, are cosmetics. Cosmetics are very handy and affordable ways to improve one's appearance. Mascara, foundation, lotions, creams, and treatments are flooding the market, promising to succeed in making us beautiful. Manufacturing processes for cosmetics vary depending on the product. Nevertheless, they all have in common the testing control point, to assure a safe and efficient product. This efficiency and safety is measured in the industry, using principally animals. Animal testing encloses numerous cruel practices, hurting our ecosystem. Some alternatives for reducing and finishing animal testing are, the use of in vitro tissue culture, computer modelling, as well as the usage of natural ingredients in manufacture. First of all, tissue culture is an effective alternative that rely on the scientific advancements. As evolution happens, we have to consider leaving primitive practices. According to Sun shany, animal testing contributions to medicine are more significant because they allow to grab more information. For cosmetics, in vitro testing is viable. In vitro, as it is explained in the article "The Truth about Animal Testing," published by Best health magazine, is an artificial setting in which human cells and tissue samples serve as testing objects. The results have valuable importance because it documents the cells' reaction, although, it does not provide a whole panor... ... middle of paper ... ... rights in this respect, animals are the only method to data collection. As for cosmetics, a simple whim to gain confidence and attract others' attention, other possibilities such as tissue culture, technological models, and a natural selection of raw materials are suitable and animal-friendly. Choices that will help in the reconciliation with nature after all the damage caused by human actions. Numerous associations defend animal rights to stop the damage to our environment. Among them the Canadian federation for humane societies specifies, "The CFHS encourages the use of non-animal models wherever possible. When animals must be used, we encourage that the fewest possible number be used." We need to care more about the planet we inhabit. Animals are a gift from mother nature, and we must stop using them for experimentation. We are humans, but inhumane with animals.
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