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  • Contraceptives for Teenagers

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    such as birth control and condoms. Not using or having access to contraceptives increases the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. According to studies sponsored by The Alan Guttmacher Institution, controlling teen access to contraceptives proves unsuccessful in lowering sexual activity and increases the chance of pregnancy and transmitting sexual diseases (Rosenthal 144). Making sexual education and contraceptives available to teenagers would lower the pregnancy rates of teenagers

  • Contraceptives and Misconceptions

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    Contraceptives and Misconceptions   There are many serious issues facing the U.S. today that require the rethinking of our problem-solving methods. In many situations, we may let our emotions interfere with our interpretations of the facts. When a question of morals is involved, we often focus on what we want and not on what we've got. One of the most complicated and emotional issues today is the subject of making contraceptives available to teenagers. Can it be that adult misconceptions

  • Abortion and Contraceptives

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    choice. Almost as controversial is the topic of contraceptives and how readily available they should be in a society. Over time, as more research has been conducted, the relationship between contraceptives and abortion has been analyzed in detail. This research has been used to prove both sides of the argument, but this is not a discussion about which side is ‘better.’ Instead, this is an observation of the trends regarding how abortion and contraceptive availability relate to each other and the potential

  • Contraceptive Methods

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    Contraceptive methods These days many modern techniques have been improved to prevent the unintended pregnancies : 1. Combined oral contraceptives or “the pill” DESCRIPTION Contains 2 hormones (estrogen and progestogen) HOW IT WORKS Prevents the release of eggs from the ovaries (ovulation) EFFECTIVENESS TO PREVENT PREGNANCY : >98% with correct and constant use 93% as commonly used 2. Progestogen-only pills or "the minipill" Description Contains only progestogen hormone, not estrogen How it

  • Choosing A Contraceptive

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    Choosing A Contraceptive A Reprint from FDA Consumer Magazine Printed December 1993. This reprint contains revisions made in December 1993. This article originally appeared in the September 1993 FDA Consumer. PUBLICATION NO. (FDA) 94-1213 Choosing a method of birth control is a highly personal decision based on individual preferences, medical history, lifestyle, and other factors. Each method carries with it a number of risks and benefits of which

  • Emergency Contraceptives

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    Emergency Contraceptives Despite the age-old belief that the purpose of sexual interaction is to reproduce, people have attempted to practice means of contraception for thousands of years. In Europe, large segments of the population began to use various methods to regulate conception, pregnancy, or births in the latter part of the eighteenth century. During the nineteenth century, the widespread desire for more forms effective means of controlling the number of births resulted in the development

  • Ethical Contraceptives Essay

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    The use of contraceptives has always been a heated point for discussion. There are people that find it ethical and others that don’t. One argument for the ethical use of contraceptives could be made to say that if a person knows that they would not be a good parent, they have an obligation to avoid becoming a parent. This use of contraceptives would be ethical according to deontology. Contraceptives would also be ethical according to deontological theories as long as they don’t have an abortifacient

  • Availability of Emergency Contraceptives

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    Availability of Emergency Contraceptives The question, "What did I do last night," has been posed by many women to themselves. Often in response to the inquiry comes details of a sexual encounter. Sometimes, an unprotected sexual encounter. Other times an encounter that was initially began with a condom that may have broke. Paranoid at the thought of pregnancy, women who have had unprotected sex can now have another option. They have the ability to obtain a prescrpition for emergency

  • Contraceptives and Teen Pregnany

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    to prevent pregnancies teens may use many different types of birth control. Birth control includes contraceptives, condoms, and the Plan B Pill, among other methods. It is most commonly agreed that contraceptive use has the strongest influence on teen pregnancy rates; however, the U.S. still has a higher teen pregnancy rate than any other developed nation despite the widespread use of contraceptives and other birth control methods. First and foremost, it is important to understand the difference

  • Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives

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    The refusal of some health insurers to include contraceptives as a part of an insurance plan for women is one of the most contentious disagreements in the health insurance industry. Insurance plans today cover a variety of prescription drugs, however some still do not approve of prescription contraceptive drugs and devices. More than half of U.S. states insurance policies require that other prescription drugs along with the FDA approved contraceptive drugs and devices be included on their health care