The Pros And Cons Of Contraception

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There are various internet resources and services that provide information on methods of contraception. What I noticed from the majority of websites, is that they all provided generally the same information. Many of the websites provided information on the effectiveness on the contraceptive, how safe it is, the benefits, and disadvantages, how the form of contraception is used, and the cost. There seem to be quite a few resources provided on the topic of contraception, but not all provided information that was accurate, and some were inconsistent and difficult to navigate through. While searching contraception methods, I found that a lot of the websites were catered towards teenage girls and women, with site names such as advocates for youth,…show more content…
Majority of the websites that I found provided the effectiveness of different forms of contraception, and demonstrated statistics for perfect use of the method, and typical use. The goals of these websites are to give individuals ' options, and does not favour one method to another rather, simply gives the pro’s and cons’s of each method, and the effectiveness and side effects and encourages the individual to talk with their physician and find out which method is best for them, since not every contraception affects everyone in the same way. The websites do overall, accomplish their intended goals, having the statistics, and the facts about each form of contraception puts into perspective the importance of contraception, and knowing that methods differ from one another, and have different affects on the body. The websites are quite extensive, as they provide advantages and disadvantages of each method of contraception, some of the sites provide graphs, and images to further explain how the method works within the body, and whether this method of contraceptive is a adequate method to reduce the chance of getting an sexually transmitted infection. Most of these websites were created by medical professionals, majority being medical doctors. The…show more content…
For each method of contraception, the website provides information on what the method is, the benefits, the disadvantages, troubleshooting meaning when you should contact your health care provider, and where to find this form of contraception ( “birth control”, n.d.). The website somewhat succeeded at its goals by providing various forms of available methods of contraceptives, but there were some inconsistency in the website, and what has been learned in class and the scholarly articles I referenced to in comparison. The effectiveness that is demonstrated in the website Sexuality and U provides information on the effectiveness based on perfect use, rather than typical use, causing certain types of contraceptives to seem like they are much more effective than in reality. When providing the effectiveness for the female condom contraception, the website indicates that it has a failure rate of 5% ( “birth control”, n.d.). That may be true for perfect use every single time, but in typical use, according to Shoupe and Ebrary the failure rate goes up to 21% (Shoupe & Ebrary, 2011). Websites need to provide realistic statistics so that individuals are informed that certain methods are not as effective as others, and that they

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