The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Oral Contraceptives

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Oral Contraceptives: Advantages and Disadvantages The increase of teenage demand for birth control pills has provoked a debate. With the common question, “Should teenage girls have access to birth control?” Many argue that birth control should not be available to underage girls due to the side effects present, the risk involved for teenage intimacy, and the connection to a rise of abortions and troubled marriages. However, an analysis of birth control pills proves they should be accessible to teenage girls because they prevent pregnancy and have many health benefits. Many girls acquire the birth control, commonly known as “the pill,” in order to receive the health benefits that accompany it. According to Marine Ko, the pill “reduced the risk of developing such life threatening diseases as ovarian, endometrial and colorectal cancers, slowed-related bone loss, and attacked the hormones that aggravate acne” (Ko). Ko mentions a few of the many advantages of taking birth control pills by describing the different cancers it prevents and the hormones the contraceptive controls. However, there are disadvantages to the pill, including greater risk of liver, cervical, lung, and breast cancer (Ko). Advantages and…show more content…
In the report on teen sex by Marjorie Valbrun he explains, “…. the use of birth control is up and teen birth rates are down” (Valbrun). He suggests that the increased accessibility of birth control to female teenagers causes a decrease in birth rates. While this is a positive aspect of the medicine, some fear ability to have intercourse, with decreased chances of getting pregnant, causes a rise in teenage intimacy because it leads teens to believe being sexually active will not result in a lifelong commitment . The low chances of pregnancy due to the pill decreases the amount of unwanted pregnancies; however, it may provoke teenagers to engage in

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