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  • Consumer Protection

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    Consumer Protection In this guide I will clarify many issues concerning consumer protection, the first issue I would like to clarify is what consumer protection is all about. Consumer protection is about protecting ordinary people who buy goods and services, from the being sold faulty goods or poor quality services from dodgy traders. Any person has some basic legal rights if a product or service is found to have a false description, is of poor quality or not fit for its purpose.

  • What Is Consumer Protection?

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    26 April 2014 Consumer Protection John, a homeowner of thirteen years recently sued a roofing contractor for false advertising stating that he could arrange financing for roofing repair jobs, the roofing contractor was found guilty of illusory publicizing a service that he was unable to fulfill to John, the consumer. Deceptive advertising, deceptive pricing, and punitive damages are a few actions that can be held against the business based on Consumer Protection. Consumer Protection is protecting

  • Essay On Consumer Protection In Egypt

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    abuse of consumer rights and safety in Egypt that affected the consumer in a bad way rather than protecting him. There is consumer laws violence that continued for decades in the Egyptian system and it is really clear in the healthcare, education ,food and tourism sectors. Although there are regulations that should protect the consumer, there are still unethical and corrupted practices that take place in all the sectors that should provide the best service for the Egyptian consumer. The consumer rights

  • The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act

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    were not always available to consumers until a government mandate in 2004 (FALCPA). I think part of the reason for such a lateness in regulation was due to a social stigma regarding allergies, that having them was some sort of natural selection and not an issue that should be taken care of. Another surprising notion I came across was that although there was no government regulation, manufactures of food products took a good amount of initiative in letting their consumers know of potential allergens

  • Consumer Protection Essay

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    Discuss the legal protection offered to consumers in Australia highlighting the recent amendments to the laws and how these reforms might be extended. Consumer protection is an essential and extensive system of laws intended to safeguard the rights of consumers and encourage fair trade and honest information in the marketplace . Consumer protection encompasses three key areas, known as unfair trading practices, losses or damage and finally, unsafe products. Protection from unfair trading practices

  • Region Coding Consumer protection or Consumer Manipulation

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    Region Coding Consumer protection or Consumer Manipulation Introduction With the advent of digital media has come a better ability for the owner of a copyright to protect the copyrighted work. Some mediums such as DVD have multiple levels of copy protection: 1. CSS scrambling for the video data on the disc, 2 . Macrovision for analog signal protection from the player, and 3. Region coding of a DVD disc and DVD player to prevent disc from being played in other parts of the world. Macrovison

  • Customer Service and Consumer Protection

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    Customer Service and Consumer Protection Satisfied customers are important to Boots. If Boots can keep its customers satisfied, it is more likely to be successful. From Boots the customers expect good service from the staff. They also expect the shelves to be fully stocked all the time and they expect competitive prices. It is not always easy for businesses to judge how satisfied their customers really are. So they use a range of techniques to measure customer satisfaction. Customers need

  • The Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations

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    your computer. Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, 2008 The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations gives consumers security from unfair or confusing trading practices and it also bans confusing omissions and forceful sales techniques. The term unfair is defined when a commercial practice falls below the standards of skills and it’s also when it affects the consumers ability to make a right decision on whether or not to buy a specific product. Consumer Credit Act 1974

  • Online Commerce and Consumer Protection

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    example of such would be a company purchasing business supplies from another company. Business-to-Consumer (B2C) occurs between companies and consumers, and usually involves purchasing physical products but now also commonly involves digital content such as music and e-books (Turban, et al., 2009). Business-to-Government (B2G) refers to commerce between companies and the public sector whilst Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) is commerce between private individuals for example websites like eBay and Amazon Marketplace

  • Consumer Protection Act: Consumer Protection Act In India

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    by the producers on the origin of tastes, likings, preferences etc. of the consumers. The business activities are revolved around Consumers only. Inspite of importance of consumers they may be the victims of immoral businessmen. An important reason is that there is lack of knowledge on the part of consumers and they are not planned as compared to the sellers who are well awared and organized. To protect the consumers from fraudulent businessmen and to provide easy solutions to their complaints