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    On May 28, 1959, the Conference of Data Systems Languages (CODASYL) met for the first time with the idea of developing a universal language for building business applications. That language was COBOL. By 1960, COBOL was commercially ready, and for the next 20 years, more programs were written in COBOL than in any other language. Influenced by FORTRAN, a programming language for the scientific community, and FlowMatic, the group recognized the growing needs of the business community. They thought

  • Cobol

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    The COBOL programming language is typically used in large scale databases in banks and insurance companies. Today, COBOL is rarely used to write new software applications. It has been replaced by the C/C++ programming language, but up until the 80’s all business software was written using COBOL. This includes but not exclusively accounting, payroll, and large bank applications. COBOL is still used today due to the high cost in upgrading software, and recent studies show that as many as twelve

  • Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, USN

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    Grace Murray Hopper, born December 9, 1906, was a Math professor that enlisted in the United States Navy at the start of World War II. Over the time of her enlistment, Hopper developed several new programming languages, including COBOL, which is still one of the most used programming languages today. Hopper was also one of the first people to coin the term “computer bug”. Over the course of her life, Grace Hopper influenced many people through her service in the military and led a movement in modern

  • Conditional and Iterative Data Types

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    tasks, and conditional as well as iterative statements are the most basic items of programming which must be mastered. Many different programming languages can demonstrate conditional and iterative statements including C++, Java, Pascal, Qbasic, COBOL, and Scheme. Most of these languages implement conditional and iterative statements in a similar fashion; however, there are a few differences. The conditional structure is easy to understand and self-defining. The whole statement is base on a

  • Grace Murray Hopper: The Future Of Computers

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    industry and government personnel whose purpose was to develop a common business-oriented language for computer programming, later to be known as COBOL. Using FLOW-MATIC as its basic foundation the first COBOL standard was issued by the American National Standards Institute and it became widely adopted. As of 1997 approximately 200 billion lines of COBOL code existed and ran 80 percent of all business programs. Its impressive success can be contributed to its high degree of standardization (Strawn)

  • Admiral Grace Murray Hopper: One Of The First Female Computer Technology

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    Admiral Grace Murray Hopper is known as one of the first female computer scientists and the mother of Corbel programming. Hopper was born on December 9, 1906 in New York City and was the oldest of three children. Even as a child she loved played with gadgets, disassembling items such an alarm clocks to determine how they worked (Norman). Hopper parents and siblings had a huge impact on her life. Her father who was a successful insurance broker inspired Hopper to pursue higher education and not limit

  • Java vs C

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    more powerful than giant mainframes of years gone by. Computer hardware has been evolving rapidly with no end in sight, and with all of the advancements in computer hardware come advancements in computer software; gone are the days when FORTRAN and COBOL were the languages of choice. Today, vvv two hot new object oriented programming languages have entered the computer programming arena, Java and C++, this paper will examine the similarities and differences between these new languages. Both Java and

  • Expert Systems Essay

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    Expert Systems: The Past, Present and Future of Knowledge-based Systems Expert Systems were invented as a way to decrease the reliance by corporations on human "experts" -- people who apply reasoning and experience to make judgements in a specific field, such as medicine, insurance underwriting or the operation of a power-plant. Hence, an expert system should include a database of facts and a way of reasoning about them. In many, but not all, applications it is also helpful to have a way for

  • Ada

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    suitable for the department's requirements. The working group created a series of language requirements documents - the Strawman, Tinman, and Ironman (and later Steelman) documents. Twenty-three existing languages were formally reviewed, FORTRAN, COBOL, PL/I, HAL/S, TACPOL, CMS-2, CS-4, SPL/I, JOVIAL J3, JOVIAL J73, ALGOL 60, ALGOL 68, CORAL 66, Pascal, SUMULA 67, LIS, LTR, TRL/2, EUCLID, PDL2, PEARL, MORAL, EL/I; but the team concluded in 1977 that no existing language met the specifications, though

  • Societies Dependence On Technology

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    Technology surrounds us. Like water in the ocean, people are swimming in technology each and every day. From the radio playing a favorite song to a text received about the results of a game, people use technology constantly. However, there is a point at which people are overtaken by technology; when the wave engulfs us and there is no way out. People are becoming more and more dependent on technology. Ever since technology began heavily integrating itself into society, many major uses have developed

  • Free Essays on the Gender Divide in Computer Science

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    came in the 40's while most men were off in WWII and women were forced to hold many of the jobs left behind.  Grace Hopper made one of the biggest breakthroughs:  inventing the first English-based programming language, which was later used to develop COBOL.  Today terms she was remembered for are also still used like bug and debug [2]. Men, however, returned from the war and took back these positions and the gender gap became more prevalent as time went on.  It seems, though, that this shouldn't

  • Essay On Y2k

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    Nathan Huse Introduction/Thesis New Years Eve of 1999 was an exciting time for a large group of people around the globe, moving into the new millennium. It also was a time of paranoia for an equal amount of people. The advent of personal computer use was blooming around this time, and so were a large number of misinformed people who were not understanding of their computers internal programming. The year 2000 problem, shortened to Y2K, was the problem of using two-digit dates in a large number of

  • Dr. Grace Hopper Invention of Programming languages

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    contributing work to the Harvard Mark I and the Univac I computer and many other components of technology in the 1940’s and 50’s era. Hopper’s skills allowed her to create the compiler for programming languages. Her ideals lead to the creation of COBOL known as common business oriented language. Hopper’s excellent skills help build what is today’s source of technology all around the world. Today, Grace Hopper’s help with programming languages is what helps us to easily use computers. Many of us don’t

  • Y2k: Should We Be Worried?

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    a program that reads the date with four digits is approximately ninety dollars depending on the kind of program wanted.          The other factor is a computer programming language called COBOL (common business oriented language). This computer programming language is used by many businesses' computers. COBOL handles numbers and text so that businesses can produce reports and keep track of all sorts of data. It has no idea what a date is.

  • Programming Languages

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    language ever. C offers programmers three advantages: The first is general pourpose programming which allows you to write games, business software, utilities, mathematical models, wordprocessors, spredsheets,... ... middle of paper ... ...equence. Cobol has a certain minimum amount of code that is required for all programs, this is usually called a shell program. Delphi is a Rapid Application progarm which now progrrammers can use tools which are more intuitive and visual. Delphi uses Object Pascal

  • Computer Programming Language Essay

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    Literature Review For Computer Programming Languages Introduction Capability to hold and access complex systems of communication , It calls the language .Both animal and plants are communicate with each other . Humans aren’t including this . they use symbolic languages . we describe symbols as sound or things that we can get meaning full information . we use language to say our emotions , thoughts , feelings with others to procure our needs . But in this literature we discuss about the computer

  • Technology Changes Role Of Database Administrator

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    Technology Changes Role of Database Administrator The database administrator (DBA) is responsible for managing and coordinating all database activities. The DBA's job description includes database design, user coordination, backup, recovery, overall performance, and database security. The database administrator plays a crucial role in managing data for the employer. In the past the DBA job has required sharp technical skills along with management ability. (Shelly, Cashman, Waggoner 1992). However

  • Comparing Barnes And Noble

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    The Barnes and Noble Bookstore use different hardware’s, software’s, data, and network tools. Barnes and Noble use currently Java software, which is a general purpose computer programming language. Java is “concurrent, class based, object oriented, and specifically designed to have few implementation dependencies.” (Salvendy & Karwowsiki, 2010, p. 504). In addition to Java, Barnes and Nobles uses JavaScript. This is a high level dynamic, un-typed, and interpreted programming language that is

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    and it was later known as FLOW-MATIC. By then, computer scientists realized that a new computer language was needed that could be understood by everyone. Keeping this in mind, they helped to create COBOL, or Common Business-Orientated Language, and they used FLOW-MATIC as a basis for creating COBOL. At the same time, the Navy had asked Hopper to retire since she was too old for military requirements. However, the Navy had asked her to come back again within a year because a serious payroll problem

  • Grace Hopper Research Paper

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    languages. Grace has a very wide range of work experience, including being a prominent educator, working on subroutines for the Mark 1 computer (which ended up being used as calculations for the Manhattan Project), is credited with being the designer of COBOL (the first versatile programming language capable of running on many different computers or hardware configurations), and invented the compiler, “that allowed the computers to, in effect, help program themselves” (301). Grace is also known for her