Societies Dependence On Technology

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Technology surrounds us. Like water in the ocean, people are swimming in technology each and every day. From the radio playing a favorite song to a text received about the results of a game, people use technology constantly. However, there is a point at which people are overtaken by technology; when the wave engulfs us and there is no way out. People are becoming more and more dependent on technology. Ever since technology began heavily integrating itself into society, many major uses have developed, but at a cost that brings on dangerous side effects, both mental and physical, as shown by the potential Y2K bug, that will continue unless active measures are sought out by those so dependent on technology. In order to properly explain how technology is overtaking and overwhelming people, it is necessary to understand how and when technology was integrated into society. In the workplace, schools, and general life, technology has invaded and thrived. When the internet first started gaining popularity, companies had to make a choice: either ignore it and assume it would be a flash in the pan or put as much money into upgrading to accommodate the internet as possible. The companies that are still known today did the latter (Friedman pg. 6-7, Next pgs. 13-14), which is a major reason the companies are still around. Education always tries to be as efficient as possible, and so the combination with technology, was inevitable. From the blackboard to the whiteboard and from the overhead projector to the computer projector, there has always been gradual up-scaling of technology in the classroom. Information technologies are keeping suit, and are being adopted into schools with open arms. Some schools, especially colleges, even go so far as to require computers (McCune pg. 3). Well over half of the schools in the United States today have been upgraded to include
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