Dr. Grace Hopper Invention of Programming languages

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Dr. Grace Murray Hopper was known as a phenomenal computer scientist, mathematician and rear admiral in the United States Navy. She was a strong force in developing programming languages in technology. She is responsible for contributing work to the Harvard Mark I and the Univac I computer and many other components of technology in the 1940’s and 50’s era. Hopper’s skills allowed her to create the compiler for programming languages. Her ideals lead to the creation of COBOL known as common business oriented language. Hopper’s excellent skills help build what is today’s source of technology all around the world. Today, Grace Hopper’s help with programming languages is what helps us to easily use computers. Many of us don’t know the work it takes into building a computer that efficiently works the minute we command it to. The hardest part about a computer is making a computer understand you and you being able to understand it back. Her contributions allow us to play our video games, send emails, and even shop all at our computer.
What are programming languages, you wonder? Programming languages are computer languages used to create programs that allow devices mostly computers to perform certain actions. There are several different programming languages that allow us to do several different tasks. The minute we turn on a computer a program language is being used to allow us to do several things the moment it’s turned on. Programming language is being used to build everyday programs like Microsoft Office, Facebook, and Instagram. Dr. Hopper was the only one at that point in time to successfully create a programming language that worked adequately enough to be used in technology. She gravely improved the quality of computers and al...

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