Civil War Reconstruction

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  • Civil War Reconstruction

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    The period after the Civil War was a very difficult time in the United States’ history. This time was known as the Reconstruction period and it was a very controversial time. There were many issues that had to be addressed such as what to do with the free blacks in the south and how states would be readmitted to the Union. This era saw the rise of the Radical Republicans. The government was going through changes, southerners were going through changes, and blacks were going through changes. Whites

  • The Civil War: Reconstruction

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    The Civil war could very easily be known as one of the greatest tragedies in United States history. After the Civil War, the people of The United States had so much anger and hatred towards each other and the government that 11 Southern states seceded from the Nation and parted into two pieces. The Nation split into either the Northern abolitionist or the Southern planation farmers. The Reconstruction era was meant to be exactly how the name announces it to be. It was a time for the United States

  • Civil War Reconstruction

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    The period of Reconstruction began immediately after the Civil War and ended in 1877. This era is known for the advancements made in favor of racial equality. These improvements included the fourteenth amendment, "this law guaranteed that federal and state laws would apply equally and unequivocally to both African Americans and whites" (, and the fifteenth amendment, which granted freedmen to vote. With the end of Reconstruction in 1877, the Republican Party lost control of the southern

  • Civil War Reconstruction

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    President versus Congress The President and congress both had different reconstruction plans for the south. These different arguments were based on different beliefs and different self interests. The President firmly believed on a soft-on-south reconstruction plan while congress believed that the south should be economically, socially, and politically reconstructed. Both President Lincoln and President Johnson both believed that the war was fought over the succession of the south and because the north

  • Civil War Reconstruction

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    After the Civil war, Reconstruction started. The reconstruction years of America served as transitions for the social, economical, cultural, and political aspects of society. Throughout this time, the United States of America shifted into a a modern industrial nation. This shift was led by entrepreneurs and businessmen. Industrialism eventually would make America into an economical and technological front runner in the world scope. During this time, American industry grew faster than ever before

  • Reconstruction After the Civil War

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    Lincolns plans for restoration began even before the war ended. Lincoln was motivated by the desire to build a strong republican party in the south and to make an end to the anguish caused by the war. On December the 8th 1863 Lincoln issued a proclamation of amnesty and reconstruction for the areas of the southern confederacy who would support the United States constitution and pledge a loyalty oath to the union. Lincolns plan offered a pardon for any state and would be allowed back into the union

  • Reconstruction After the Civil War

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    Reconstruction was the foremost goal for many after the civil war. Yet, various individuals and political parties held a plethora of contrasting beliefs concerning how to face this reconstruction task. In terms of the Reconstruction, two ideas permeated the political field: who would have the authority to enact these changes and in what ways would national unity be accomplished. It is obvious that throughout this time the power held within the federal government would be challenged by southern state

  • The Civil War And The End Of Reconstruction

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    The Civil War in 1861-1865 was a time period in which the United States wrestled intensely over what kind of nation it would be. The war initially stemmed from the differences between the North and South, or between slave states and (mostly) non-slave states. These two sides argued over the right to continue the institution of slavery. The North wanted to abolish slavery whereas the South believed it needed slaves to keep its plantations running and its cotton-based economy successful. Following

  • Civil War Reconstruction Dbq

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    During the time period of 1860 and 1877 many major changes occurred. From the beginning of the civil war to the fall of the reconstruction, the United States changed dramatically. Nearly one hundred years after the Declaration of Independence which declared all men equal, many social and constitutional alterations were necessary to protect the rights of all people, no matter their race. These social and constitutional developments that were made during 1860 to 1877 were so drastic it could be called

  • Reconstruction after the Civil War

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    After Reading John Hope Franklin’s Reconstruction after the Civil War I have a completely new outlook on reconstruction. Some may say that this book, regardless of its historical contribution on Reconstruction, which it tries to demolish William Dunning’s myth of white supremacy. It is also has a very serious attempt to be fair and objective about a very controversial period when race, politics and ideology played a very different role in Society. It is precisely in Franklin’s ability to deal