The Problems of the Reconstruction after the Civil War

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After the conclusion of America’s Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln pitched the idea of “Reconstruction,” which would bring the southern states back into the Union. President Lincoln, according to many radical Republicans, was too gentle on the south. The government was divided on how to solve the issue of readmitting the southern states back into the Union. In addition to that, the government was not certain on what rights to enumerate to the newly emancipated slaves. These issues became more difficult to solve after President Lincoln was murdered. Lincoln’s successor, Vice President Andrew Johnson, was a Tennessee Democrat that lacked respect of the Republican Congress. The legislative and executive branches of the American government had a greater disparity in ideas of how to bring America back to one Union. Although there was a great disparity in ideas between the executive and legislative branches on how to successfully reconstruct the nation, the nation eventually came to a solution that allowed the nation to once again form as one nation. The first conflict with reconstruction was how to bring the seceded states back into the Union. While many Republicans wanted to blame President Johnson for the delay of Reconstruction, there was trouble and disagreement within the party before President Johnson was sworn into the Presidency. Lincoln, at the conclusion of the Civil War, wanted it to be simple for the Confederate States to rejoin the Union. For example, Lincoln proposed that the seceded states should be allotted the right to establish a state government if ten percent of the state’s voters in the election of 1860 took an oath of allegiance to the Union. The radical Republicans felt that Lincoln’s plan was far to gentl... ... middle of paper ... ... of the Reconstruction amendments, seven southern states reentered the Union by the summer of 1868. Reconstruction was successful because America once again became one nation and although there were contentious times between the branches of government throughout the process, a new and better America emerged. Reconstructed consisted of competing visions of how to move forward ranging from how to readmit the South into the Union and the role of the emancipated slaves in society. President Johnson had strong and bitter disagreements with the Congress and the Congress did not respect the leadership of President Johnson. Though there was a lot bitter politics within the government during this process, America once again became united. America was reconstructed on a firm foundation that bestowed liberty for all and the nation still firmly stands on this foundation today.

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