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  • Circus Circus

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    Once the ringmaster steps into the ring and guides the animals into their positions the audience knows the circus is about to start. A circus is a traveling group of acrobats, trained animals, and clowns that perform in a tent for money. In the past, the circus began with only a few traveling entertainers that moved from one village to the next singing songs and bringing stories to life. Now circuses have both human and animal performers, they travel from town to town in different states and perform

  • circus

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    were so excited to hear there was a circus stopping by your town? Did you impatiently wait for the animals to come up in circus and to amaze you with those performances? If yes was your answer, you were definitely not alone. There were 330 other people out of 550 respondents who enjoyed the animal performances best, as to compare with human ones. However, recently part of the world had been shocked with the video footage of animals cruelty in an infamous circus. This had arisen a controversy of whether

  • The Circus

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    A circus is an arena for acrobatic exhibitions and animal shows. Usually circular and surrounded by tiers of seats for spectators, a circus may be in the open air but is usually housed in a permanent building or sheltered by a tent. The term circus is also applied to the performance itself and to the troupe of performers. The entertainment offered at a circus generally consists of displays of horsemanship; exhibitions by gymnasts, aerialists, wild-animal trainers, and performing animals; and comic

  • Circus Research Paper

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    I sit in my small, blue, straight backed seat and stare across the large dark tent. The tent has large yellow, blue and green stripes that taper up to a large point at the very top of the gigantic circus tent. There is a potent smell of popcorn, people, and circus animals wafting through the large, but enclosed, space. One person is illuminated in a small circle of yellowish light. A young girl, about 17 years old, is standing in the center of the ring, swinging giant hula hoops around her arms,

  • History Of The Animal Circus

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    Circus is a type of exhibition which offer amusements by performing variety types of performances. The shows in circus are performed by trained animal which can made humanize movement, acrobat which is highly trained and skillful, and more. The word "circus" is a Latin word, which means "circle or ring " in English . It also represent the circus in the past is just like a ring that is a large round area that enclosed by tiers of seats. Ancient Rome has represent the significant event in circus

  • Abuse of Animals in the Circus

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    Abuse of Animals in the Circus Since the beginning of the modern day circus in the early 20th century millions of Americans have enjoyed the performances by both the people and the animals that perform for our entertainment. However, the audience is blinded by shock and awe of the show from what really happens behind the curtain. Animal cruelty, poor living conditions, and lack of legal regulation scars the animals and becomes very dangerous to the overall health of the animals and those who are

  • Motivation In The Film, The Butterfly Circus

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    (someone) a reason for doing something. People like Martin Luther King Jr., Malala Yousifazi, and even Michelle Obama, motivate individuals everyday and have had many people who looked up to them achieve their goals. In the film, The Butterfly Circus, the circus travels to many places to give a show and brings the people joy to their lives. To motivate someone, you need to attract their emotions, challenge them, or even tell a personal story that can relate to the situation. Attract their emotions

  • Banning The Circus Research Paper

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    Circus and Cruel Dark Side: Banned Entertainment Shows with Animals is Proper Way to Solve this Problem because People Can Choose Animal-Friendly Entertainment Options Instead Some people who enjoy circus entertainment today tend to believe that it is not a problem using animals because they are just like that "Animals." They defend their concept focus on entertainment, to see majestic animals following human directions and bring a show. The cruel dark side behind this spectacle is the most crucial

  • Animal Abuse: The Mistreatment Of Circus Animals

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    “Virtually 96 percent of circus animals’ lives are spent in chains or cages. Eleven months out of the year, the animals travel over long distances in box cars with no climate control; sleeping, eating, and defecating in the same cage” ( These same animals are the ones performing for people for entertainment. This abuse is not any better in the zoos that are very popular. Animals are forced to live in small enclosures that are not optimal for the life of an animal used to roaming free. Abusing

  • The Mistreatment of Circus Animals

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    Imagine being in a circus ring watching tigers and lions leaping through blazing rings of fire, elephants standing on their heads, and monkeys riding red bicycles for a colossal crowd of screaming, cheering fans. The elephant’s exhausted, worn body is swamped with intricately designed red and orange drapes. The sweet, endearing smell of fresh cotton candy and popcorn fills the humid air with thrilling excitement. When the eccentric show has reached the grand finale and has finally come to an end

  • Circus Fire Essay

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    On July 6, 1944, the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus came to Hartford, Connecticut. It was recorded to be a hot, sunny afternoon, and though an accurate temperature for the day wasn’t taken, Hartford tends to average 81 degrees during July (WeatherUnderground, 2014). The circus had travelled the country and had stopped at other New England towns before settling into Hartford. It had even been to Hartford previous years. Everything was set up as usual: the seating arrangement, the performances

  • The Abuse of Circus Elephants

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    York Times article, circus elephants endure training methods that include: electric prodding, beatings, hours of being chained up, and unimaginable cruelty. Due to their large size many trainers feel that the intimidation method is the only way such a large and wild creature can be trained (“Its a Wonder More”). Often people are unaware of the abuse that goes on in the training of these gentle giants. Maggie Knox, author of the article “Students Protest Cruelty Towards Circus Elephants,” shares the

  • Essay On Circus Animals

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    These animals range from domestic animals, such as dogs, to animals usually found in wild communities, including elephants and big cats. Despite the ease with which they seem to perform, circus animals are forced to learn and execute painful and confusing acts. Because of the inhumane conditions in which circus animals must live, animal-free circuses should receive more support than their animal-using-- more like animal-abusing-- counterparts. For the most part, circuses do not publicize the treatment

  • Elephant Abuse In The Circus

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    Anthony Wiaduch English 2 Decker-Doorn 15 September 2015 Elephant Abuse in the Circus “Stick that hook into ‘em… when you hear that screaming, then you know you got their attention.” – Circus elephant trainer caught on tape (Circus Animals). All across the world, animals used in circuses such as Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey live a horrific life in which they are dominated, confined, and violently trained. They are routinely beaten, shocked, and whipped until they learn to perform tricks that

  • Circus Animal Abuse

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    Most people have no idea how horribly animals are treated in the circus. Everyone loves the circus as a child, but they wouldn’t if they knew that the tigers and elephants were abused to get them to do the tricks that the kids love. Most circus animals spend 96% of their lives in cages or chained up. (PAWS. "Enjoy the Circus? The Animals Don't." Web Accessed March 14, 2015.) They are starved and abused to do things that are unnatural to their normal behavior. Tigers, like most animals, are instinctively

  • Ethical Obligations To Circus Animals

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    extensive, subjective and widespread debate regarding the ethical acceptability of utilising circus animals for human entertainment. Many would argue that the entertainment benefits gained by humans outweigh the detrimental effects on the animals. However, conversely, it has been proposed that circuses knowingly harm these animals both physically and psychologically. This essay will argue that owning and training circus animals to perform for human entertainment is a blatantly unacceptable practice from

  • banning animals in the circus

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    As a kid I always dreamed about running away to the circus-not because I wanted to perform or even that I wanted to get away-I just wanted to play with the animals. I wanted to pet the lions, feed the elephants and ride the horses. So when the circus came to town once a year I was in total bliss. I remember asking my mom almost every hour if we could drive by the set up so I could check the progress of the majestic tent. But the circus was different for me in 5th grade. Although my day started with

  • Travis Pastrana And The Nitro Circus

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    Trevor Kollis Mrs.Den Boer Writing May,19.2014 Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus Travis Pastrana is known for his crazy stunts, positive attitude, and the Nitro Circus. Travis had to work hard to where he is today, he had to get a crew together, sign contracts and make sure that his live show would pan out. (zooom productions) Pastrana’s Idea of the Nitro Circus Started when Travis became a big deal at the X-Games. Travis, Winning the X-Games Freestyle Motocross on August 4, 2000, he performed

  • Circus Animals Abused Analysis

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    Scars covered her and Marry the elephants and her fellow circus elephants bodies. Patches of white covered their skin from ripped and torn off skin the poor elephants. Merry was hung, her inexperienced trainer beat her, in pain she stomped on the trainer's head. People wanted her hung, calling and baying for blood. Now this was in the 1830’s but elephants and other exotic animals are still beaten, malnourished, and forsaken. The sad and terrible truth to animal abuse in the entertainment industry

  • Analysis of Animal Treatment in Circus

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    Animals have been a main focus in circus performances around the world for many centuries; however, in recent history, there have been far more regulations put on the use of these creatures, stemming mainly from how they are treated by both their trainers and the circus as a whole. Whether it be on the federal or local and state-level, there has been a definite increase in the questionable legality of America’s circus industry due to the neglect and abuse of the participating animals, courts’ decisions