Travis Pastrana And The Nitro Circus

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Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus

Travis Pastrana is known for his crazy stunts, positive attitude, and the Nitro Circus. Travis had to work hard to where he is today, he had to get a crew together, sign contracts and make sure that his live show would pan out. (zooom productions)

Pastrana’s Idea of the Nitro Circus Started when Travis became a big deal at the X-Games. Travis, Winning the X-Games Freestyle Motocross on August 4, 2000, he performed the first ever double backflip ever in X-games history. Not only only did this open up eyes see what is possible in the dirt bike world but It also show Travis’s innovation and love to the sport. This is a major time in Pastrana's life as it changes view on what his future might hold. (Travis Pastrana | 1999-X-Games)

Travis had to work hard to make new friends in his new career of freestyle and Motocross. Travis got all his friends to gather and the were called the Nitro Circus. The Nitro crew which consists of Travis Pastrana’s family/friends. Travis Pastrana is the ring leader and was in charge of traveling and having fun in general. Most friends have an extreme sport back ground such as dirt biking, mountain biking, or wakeboarding. Well almost everyone, Street bike Tommy is the fattest, laziest and funniest on the nitro team, he joined so he could stop his average everyday life of hanging drywall. There is also one female member her name is jolene van vugt. Erik roner is a extreme base jumper and skier. Then there is Special Greg he is Travises cousin and seems to always be the first one to land a new trick. Jim De Champ is always getting injuries and was one of Travis’s first friends. Jim has a ...

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g1. What introduced him to dirtbikes and stunts?

2. What is his Family like?

3. How many injuries?

4. What does his future look like?

5. What are some of his accomplishments?

6. Nitro Circus

Travis Pastrana is well known for his death defying, jaw dropping Nitro Circus. Travis had to make a strategic plan , train for years, and he had to get producers to approve his ideas . Travis pastrana has been in the motocross business since he was just a kid. However, Pastrana has brought moto cross to a whole new level of

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