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Death, abuse, confinement- three of the adjectives that can be used to accurately describe the lives of animals used in circuses. These animals range from domestic animals, such as dogs, to animals usually found in wild communities, including elephants and big cats. Despite the ease with which they seem to perform, circus animals are forced to learn and execute painful and confusing acts. Because of the inhumane conditions in which circus animals must live, animal-free circuses should receive more support than their animal-using-- more like animal-abusing-- counterparts. For the most part, circuses do not publicize the treatment their animals receive. The most probable explanation for this is that the animals are abused as a means of training …show more content…

Because comfort is an important factor to humans when traveling, they move in spacious cars. Distinctly, because they have no choice but to oblige, animals are transported in small carts, cages, or trucks. The means of transportation not only presents a limitation in space but may also present limitation in food and water. Furthermore, the animals are forced to travel in small enclosures where they must sleep among their waste. Even when the circus arrives at its destination, the animals must remain locked away for fear that they will wander or rebel. Such unsanitary conditions seem unimaginable to us people, but then why are they acceptable for animals? Circuses do not take into account the animals’ necessities because they are merely focused on the amount of money they are obtaining from each of their …show more content…

They are pressured into completing harmful acts, as well as maneuvering their bodies in ways that are anomalous. Acts such as these tend to cause distress in the circus animals. Instead of supporting circuses that use animals in their shows, people should support animal-free circuses. Animal-free circuses feature spectacular shows without harming any animals. Notwithstanding the joy that animals performing acts, such as riding bicycles, can bring to a person, circuses that use animals should no longer exist. It is 2017 and the rights of animals should be just as important as human rights. Therefore, to help animals avoid servitude, animal-free circuses must gain more popularity and eventually overshadow the circuses that do use, or exploit

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