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Once the ringmaster steps into the ring and guides the animals into their positions the audience knows the circus is about to start. A circus is a traveling group of acrobats, trained animals, and clowns that perform in a tent for money. In the past, the circus began with only a few traveling entertainers that moved from one village to the next singing songs and bringing stories to life. Now circuses have both human and animal performers, they travel from town to town in different states and perform a variety of tricks and stunts. In spite of circuses being fun to attend, the animals are constantly being abused, through isolation, psychological torment, and physical torture. Circus has been around for about 146 years, they bring joy to children of all ages. In the …show more content…

Each performer plays a huge role in the process of creating an enjoyable and entertaining show for the whole audience. Since there are many different shows each can cost a considerate amount, but when you have a limited amount of money you must make cuts in each show. Over the years many circuses have struggled to stay open because they are forced to make large budget cuts. “There’s an immediate budget cut. Karin said a ban would affect 19 traveling circuses with about 300 animals” (Brulliard). Circuses are not what they used to be, most children would rather watch animal videos online than watch them do tricks in person. On the other hand, many circuses lose business due to leaked videos of animals like elephants

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