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  • Chuck Close

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    Chuck Close (born 1940) is an American photorealist specializing in close-up portraits and self-portraits. Close is one of the very few modern realists or photorealists who focus on the human face. In 1988, in mid-career, Close was paralyzed due to a blood clot in his spinal column. He regained partial use of his arms, and was able to return to painting after developing techniques which allowed him to work from a wheelchair.All of Close’s works are based on photographs he takes himself. Close always

  • Chuck Close Father

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    Have you ever heard about Chuck Close? If you haven't I'm going to tell you he is. Chuck close is a famous artist known for his painting and how he makes them. Around the age of 49 he got a blood clot in his one of his vertebrates in this spine that ended up making him paralyzed from the neck down. Chuck close was born July 5th of 1940 in Monroe, WA.His younger life wasn't all that great. He had suffered from severe dyslexia, being put down by teachers and friends,having his father past at the age

  • Chuck Close Analysis

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    Chuck Close is an artist that has had to overcome many health issues in order to paint. Some of his most popular paintings are ‘Big Self-Portrait’ and ‘Fanny/Fingerpainting’. He is also known for painting in more of an abstract way that most people aren't used to. Chuck Close was born on July 5, 1940 in Monroe, Washington and is currently 75 years old. His parents are Leslie Close and Mildred Close. Chuck Close was born with severe dyslexia which caused him to struggling in school with all of

  • Chuck Close: A Photorealism Artist

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    Chuck Close is one of the few people who never gave up. Chuck Close is an artist who does photorealism artwork. He became Famous for his artwork in the late 1960s. This essay will include his early years of his life and his later years. Chuck was born on July 5,1940 in Monroe, Washington. He had artistic parents that supported him for his artistic skills. Jackson Pollock inspired him as a child. But, Chuck had quite a difficult time in all of his classes except art, because he suffered dyslexia.

  • Chuck Close Research Paper

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    Chuck Close was born on July 5th, 1940 in Monroe ,Washington. He went to the university of Washington school of art. Then soon transferred to Yale University of art and architecture. Chuck was discovered or became famous for his art in the late 1960’s. He always had dyslexia from the day that he was born. He didn't play much sports. The types of artwork that Chuck Close made where Print is when you use ink on one sheet of paper to another then pressing it down to make the print. Etching is when

  • Self Portrait, 2007 by Chuck Close

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    Self Portrait, 2007 by Chuck Close The artwork that ignited my interest at the High Museum of Art was the Self Portrait, 2007 by Chuck Close. In this particular painting, Close was influenced by a printing technique used in Japan known as nishiki-e. The nishiki-e technique involves multicolored wooden block printings, which would have a specific engraving on it and then arranged in a particular way to make an image. Close liked to experiment and combine different styles and techniques such as

  • Chuck Close: Triumph and Adaptation in Photorealism

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    Chuck Close, born July 5, 1940 is an American painter who became famous as a photorealist, through his massive scale portraits. Chuck often paints abstract portraits, which hang in collections internationally. Although a catastrophic spinal artery collapse in 1988 left him severely paralyzed, he has continued to paint and produce work that remains sought after by museums and collectors. Chuck also creates photo portraits using a very large format camera.Chuck Close is noted for his highly inventive

  • Chuck Close: A Set Of Typical Characteristics Of Photography

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    hyperrealism is rather close to pop art, the primary commonality being complex figurative nature of the image and composition. As it can be noticed from the portrait of Frank James, precise, unbiased and unemotional replication of reality. Such copying virtually imitates specific nature of photography with its documental precision and automatism of visual capture. At the same time, photorealism presupposes

  • Essay About Family: Families Torn Apart

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    that I found it difficult to be close to her. I have since moved back to Wausau, and started a family of my own. On occasion I talk to my mother on the phone but this has never been a very fulfilling relationship either. Although unfulfilling, it has allowed for some progress in our relationship. In the same way I have lost connection with family so has Chakkravann "Chucky" Saukom. During an interview with my friend Chuck, I learned some very interesting things. Chuck moved to the United States in

  • Race Of A Life

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    off the bitumen in front of his car. A trickle of sweat ran down his face under his multi colored helmet. Thoughts of the other challengers flitted through his head as he waited for the signal to start. He knew most of them from previous meetings. Chuck and Glen were both competitive although he was confident, he had the edge on them with his new motor hours of painstaking work had it running perfectly. It was the new driver's from the country meetings that he was unsure of. A look of Concentration

  • A Close Reading of The Raven

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    The Raven: A Close Reading The entire poem including the first stanza, as scanned here, is octametre with mostly trochaic feet and some iams. The use of a longer line enables the poem to be more of a narration of the evening's events. Also, it enables Poe to use internal rhymes as shown in bold. The internal rhyme occurs in the first and third lines of each stanza. As one reads the poem you begin to expect the next rhyme pushing you along. The external rhyme of the "or" sound in Lenore and nevermore

  • Sufism

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    God. The term mysticism can be defined as the consciousness of the One Reality -- be it called Wisdom, Light, Love or Nothing. (Shcimmel 23) A Sufi tries to unite his will with God's will. They try to isolate themselves, so they can fear and become close to God. By isolating themselves, a Sufi tries to stay away from politics and public affairs, so as too not get corrupted. The Sufi's path is a path of love, to be thankful of all God's bounties. Many Sufi's try to help individuals in trouble. They

  • Close Reading of the Two Holes Passage of Toni Morrison's Sula

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    A Close Reading of the Two Holes Passage of Sula Toni Morrison’s novel Sula is rich with paradox and contradiction from the name of a community on top of a hill called "Bottom" to a family full of discord named "Peace." There are no clear distinctions in the novel, and this is most apparent in the meaning of the relationship between the two main characters, Sula and Nel. Although they are characterized differently, they also have many similarities. Literary critics have interpreted the girls

  • A close Relationship with Nature

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    A CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH NATURE Cold Mountain is a four hundred and forty-nine-page novel by the North Carolina author Charles Frazier. The novel takes place during the civil war but constirates more on the life lessons each character learns. Throughout the novel Charles Frazier takes each character through very different, yet very difficult journeys. Cold Mountain consists of two parallel journeys, eventually meeting up in the end. Each one of Cold Mountains characters are all very conscious

  • A Close Reading of Euripides' Medea

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    A Close Reading of Medea Medea's first public statement, a sort of "protest speech," is one of the best parts of the play and demonstrates a complex, at times even contradictory, representation of gender.  Medea's calm and reasoning tone, especially after her following out bursts of despair and hatred, provides the first display of her ability to gather herself together in the middle of crisis and pursue her hidden agenda with a great determination. This split in her personality is to a certain

  • Dante's Divine Comedy - Close Reading of Canto V of the Inferno

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    Dante's Inferno: A Close Reading of Canto V Dante Alighieri presents a vivid and awakening view of the depths of Hell in the first book of his Divine Comedy, the Inferno. The reader is allowed to contemplate the state of his own soul as Dante "visits" and views the state of the souls of those eternally assigned to Hell's hallows. While any one of the cantos written in Inferno will offer an excellent description of the suffering and justice of hell, Canto V offers a poignant view of the

  • So Much Water So Close To Home by Raymond Carver

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    In the story "So Much Water So Close To Home" a young girl is raped, killed and found in a river where four men are fishing. What makes this story interesting is that after discovering the body they did not report it until after they left, three days later. When one of the men who discovered her, the husband of the narrator, Stuart returns home he doesn't tell his wife about the incident until the following morning. Because of this, Claire believes that all men are responsible for the murder of

  • Descriptive Essay - The Wrestling Room

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    is no tropical air comes crashing in. Instead of the refreshing scent of the ocean, or tropical plants, the taste of salt from sweat and a smell of the human body fill my lungs. The daydream is over. A shrill whistle sounds and the voice of coach Chuck booms through out the room, breaking the peace that was comforting the pain in my shoulder and bringing me back to reality. I was not on some humid island paradise, but rather in the explosive atmosphere of the Hotchkiss High School wrestling room

  • A Close Reading of Pages 100 to 115 of The Remains of the Day

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    "Examine pages 100 to 115 of Kazuo Ishiguro's novel "The Remains of the day" in detail.  Show by a close reading of key scenes within this how the novelist's language and form both reveals, and conceals, central issues of character, emotion, politics and memory." Pages100-115 of Ishiguro's novel describe the beginning of a journey to the west country taken by a man called Stevens, (a model English butler). Stevens narrates the novel and Ishiguro writes in such a way that the reader is

  • An Open Mind is a Prerequisite for Learning

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    to the truth, whereas the close mind invents whatever truth it is comfortable with, so that it may persist in its delusions. To be truly open-minded, we must renounce the religion of our parents, and deny our cherished beliefs. Comfort is seduction. Better it is to suffer the pains of uncertainty, and the insanity of lost identity, so that we might open our minds to a firmer foundation, a deeper truth. Close-mindedness is afraid of reality. We need reality. Therefore, close-mindedness is a form of