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Chuck Close was born on July 5th, 1940 in Monroe ,Washington. He went to the university of Washington school of art. Then soon transferred to Yale University of art and architecture. Chuck was discovered or became famous for his art in the late 1960’s. He always had dyslexia from the day that he was born. He didn't play much sports. The types of artwork that Chuck Close made where Print is when you use ink on one sheet of paper to another then pressing it down to make the print. Etching is when you coat metal plates with a waxy material called ground it's another type of print. Jigsaw woodblock is a type of pattern that he uses. Stencil printing is layers of sealer to make an image. Paper layer caking is when you use wet stencils to put on then you use your finger to make the image appear. There are many other ways that Chuck Close uses to make art but these were a few major ones. …show more content…

There's another health issue that he has and he called it the event where he was paralyzed and he was transferred to a wheelchair where he had to learn to paint again. He also suffered from a disease called Prosopagnosia. The definition for it is an inability to recognize the faces of familiar people, typically as a result of damage to the brain. He even admits to it today he said in an interview “you could come into my studio one day and I could take a full essay on you that day and ace it but the next day he wouldn't even remember that you came the next day”. He also said that if he looked closer to your face he would see a whole different

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