Chuck Close: A Photorealism Artist

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Chuck Close is one of the few people who never gave up. Chuck Close is an artist who does photorealism artwork. He became Famous for his artwork in the late 1960s. This essay will include his early years of his life and his later years. Chuck was born on July 5,1940 in Monroe, Washington. He had artistic parents that supported him for his artistic skills. Jackson Pollock inspired him as a child. But, Chuck had quite a difficult time in all of his classes except art, because he suffered dyslexia. Dyslexia is a disorder that makes it hard to interpret words and letters. He also couldn’t do sports because had a neuromuscular condition that weakens his muscles. Unfortunately, his father died when he was 11 years old, and not too long after his mom got breast cancer, and Chuck got a kidney infection. Not a great year for Chuck. …show more content…

Chuck creates photo-realism art by etching, when he coats a metal plate with a type of wax called ground then draws and the ground is removed where drawn then is coated with acid. He has a relief print which is when he uses his fingertips and leaves fingerprint. He uses a silkscreen print where ink is forced through a tight mesh screen. Lastly, he uses a woodcut method when wood is cut and then inked and transferred to paper. When Chuck creates portraits he also uses a grid method. He does this by creating a grid on his work and drawing in every square one at a time. Chuck also has a disorder called face blindness where he can’t remember faces and features and can’t see 3-D faces, so he draws close family members and friends 2-D faces so he can see their

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