Race Of A Life

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Rory felt the heat rising off the bitumen in front of his car. A trickle of sweat ran down his face under his multi colored helmet. Thoughts of the other challengers flitted through his head as he waited for the signal to start. He knew most of them from previous meetings. Chuck and Glen were both competitive although he was confident, he had the edge on them with his new motor hours of painstaking work had it running perfectly. It was the new driver's from the country meetings that he was unsure of.

A look of Concentration marked the faces of spectators and drivers alike as they waited for the starter’s instructions.

A crackling speaker signaled imminent action. "Drivers start your Engines."

A deafening sound of revving motors filled the air. Cars moved off, weaving from side to side in an effort to heat the tires during the warm up lap.

Confident in his ability to beat this field, Rory charged forward as the starter's car moved off the track and the green light flashed for them to start.

Rory forgot everything as the thrill of speed and power from the V8 engine under his bonnet took over. The track had been watered to keep the dust down. Instead, the dust had now turned into mud. Red mud caked on the wheels and flicked up onto his windscreen blurring his vision as he sped up beside Chuck, who had forged ahead of him. In an attempt to keep him out Rory over-corrected. A sudden bash from the rear shunted him to the left and he cursed.

"So you want to play rough, eh! I'll show you what happens when you pick on me."

Within seconds he shunted one of the new boy’s sideways. This set up chain reactions.

Cars collided and ricocheted off of one another. Somewhere during the laps he noticed Chuck's car wedged backwards into the fence.

With adrenaline pumping the race ended in a mighty drag for the finish line against one of the new chum. Rory ecstatic with the new motor performing much better that he expected

Today, luck was with him, he had held the new driver off, with Jim finishing a close third.

In the pits, Rory headed towards the new driver's car. Offering his hand he said, "Not bad, you put up quite a challenge. Rory Carter is the name."

Accepting the outstretched hand, he nodded.
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