Ruling Dynasties of China

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China grew to be the largest and most populous country of Asia. IT developed a unique culture by being isolated and having little contact with any other civilizations. After time, its methods of production and system of government here highly advanced for its time. China’s history is shown through the ruling of several different dynasties, their schools of thought and religion, and the vast spreading of their culture to its surrounding countries.

Throughout China’s history, many dynasties had their turn at ruling this immensely growing country. The Shang dynasty was the first, ruling during the Bronze Age. Bronze was used more for ritual objects like goblets, steamers, and cauldrons rather than for war. They ruled for more than two centuries when they were defeated by the Zhou. Sacrificing to their ancestors was something the Zhou and Shang had in common. During the time of the Zhou transmitted texts such as the Book of Documents existed for the first time. The early Zhou rulers set up a decentralized feudal system instead of trying to directly rule all their territories. Relatives and trusted subordinates ruled these territories and the positions became hereditary letting them pass on the position to their sons. After a long time loyalty grew more obscure and the lords became too powerful and no longer obeyed the king. An alliance of the Rong tribesmen killed the Zhou king and the Zhou Dynasty couldn’t get full control over its vassals again bringing China into what is called the Warring States Period. The states fought and destroyed each other and were in constant warfare for a long period of time before finally the Qin took over. This king invented the title “emperor” because “king” grand enough. He also adopted the legali...

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...provinces, and the appointment of governors to collect taxes from them were just some of the things they got from China. China was the most populous country of this time and influenced greatly all of its surrounding countries.

Many different dynasties ruled China throughout history, and each one had its own impact on China. Each ruler had his or her own beliefs and ways of ruling that would be pressed upon the people. Even the countries around China were affected when Chinese armies would conquer them and set up their armies in their country. With the population growing tremendously, China became the largest country and a world leader economically. As China grew through history many schools of thought were introduced. Much of the Chinese culture and language was spread to its surrounding countries and even Japan.

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