Differences And Similarities Between China And China

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It is an important thing to learn and understand a new culture from a new country. People can learn about the cultures different and similar from a daily lifestyle all the way to the global economy. Being 1st and 2nd respectively when it comes to economic, the United States and China are both leaders of the world’s economy.But both countries have inadvertently shaped into two glaringly distinct societies with cultures that possess both similarities and differences.
When it comes to parenting, there is a huge different between China and the United States. If you are a Chinese kid, then you are lucky but tragedy. Because some of the parents like to spoil the kids. They will buy whatever the kids want, and do everything for the kids. In China,
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There are a 4 years high school in America, and 3 years high school in China. Students in China have to go to school 3 times per a day from morning, afternoon, and night. For the high school in China, students are learning America college level math, science, and chemistry. There is only one thing for Chinese students to do, it is study. There are no a lot of fun classes such as gym, music, art, or computer. Even there is one, the class will take way by your math or English teacher. When it comes to college exam, that’s the crazy time for students in China to be nervous on. Because most of the time, students only can take one time of college exam. If they didn’t do well on it, then they either go back to school for one more year study or drop out school. Unlike China, America education focuses on many ways besides study. There is only one time per a day in America high school. Students in America will join clubs they are interesting in and pick their own classes. Sport is one of the important parts for students in America too. For the college exam, students can retake the exam as many as they want. However, America school are more fun in high school, and China school are harder in high school.
Even know there are many differences between China and America, but there are still similarities in the land and resources. Both China and America are similar in size, and each over 3 million square miles. Each of them has lots resource for people to use. They are are world powers and have nuclear weapons such as a warship, aircraft, tank, and cannon. In both cases, the land and resources are very
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