The Yangtza Floods In China

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In 1931, Central China was vastly affected by floods a series of floods. The floods are generally considered among the deadliest natural disasters ever recorded estimated 3.7 million and 4 million. In 1931 there were a number floods that hit suddenly and without much warning in China. They were so devastating that they are now considered to be one of the deadliest natural disasters of the twentieth century. There were a record number of deaths, which range from an incredible a hundred and forty five thousand in a day to Four million people overall. After further research they figured about a million people drowned and more than 3 million died from disease and starvation. The most affected areas were the Yangtze River, the Huai River, and the Yellow River.
Some of the most rainfall happened between July and November in 1931; China experienced some strange weather. In the years running up to the disaster, China had been suffering from a long and hot drought throughout the whole country. But by the winter of 1930, changes began to occur. There was particularly heavy snow fall over parts of China. As the spring came in 1931everything started to thaw, China was bombarded with very heavy rainfall this created dangerous flooding conditions. This sudden and unexpected change meant that the rivers were higher than normal levels. As the rain hit even harder in July, the area recorded twenty four inches of rainfall along its banks. This set up was heading for disaster for china.
Some things that China could have done is try to predict and make a worst case situation and drew up some plans. They could have also warned anyone who lived on or near the river. But in was a strange chain of events that led to the floods such as the long drought th...

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...n, the highest levels of water recorded during the floods of 1931 were around 12 feet high at some points.
Overall, the events that occurred during flooding disaster in 1931covered that affected more than 88,000 sq. /km, left a lasting impact on the country many loss there home and family members. The country took a while to bounce back but they did because there wasn’t much the people could due during the floods the braced for it but the floods lasted from April to September they fought for five straight months. The time and conditions that were created due to the weather, no one could have seen that rainfall was coming and it was going to be such a heavy rainfall for such a long period of time. The conditions were a perfect storm for flooding to occur. These are some of the reasons why there such a heavy death toll due to the populous area which flooded in China.

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