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  • Child Abuse

    Any act of misusing or mistreating a person, animal, any inanimate object or entity by physical, verbal, emotional and psychological means is called abuse. When the abuse is targeted towards a child, it is termed as child abuse. Unruly behavior, unfair exploitation, unjust aggression, brutality etc. are just a few examples of child abuse prevalent across the globe.

    Types of Child Abuse

    When a child is beaten or threatened to be beaten, it accounts to physical abuse. Many schools in underdeveloped and developing countries still follow corporal punishment to teach a lesson to children. Sexual abuse is a major form of child abuse with thousands of children subjected assaults of sexual nature every year. Most countries across the globe treat sexual abuse as a henious crime, and the perpretators are prosecuted strictly by the law. Emotional or psychological abuse is a traumatic act of intentional or unintentional nature that scars the psyche of the child. Neglect is also considered as a form of child abuse where the parents or caregiver refuses to look after the physical and emotional well-being of a child. Exploitation is a form of child abuse that forces children to work hard for meagre wages. In many countries, it is illegal to employ children below 14 years of age.

    Child abuse takes a huge toll on the children as they carry the trauma of the abuse through their entire adult life. Most victims of child abuse need to undergo therapy or counselling in order to lead a normal life. Cases of child abuse often go unreported as the child is too scared or too ashamed to speak about the abuse.

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  • Child Abuse

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    Child abuse has been a prevalent issue with numerous health problems and environmental concerns connected to it. In recent decades, child abuse has become more prominent with aspects including those of a physical nature, emotional nature, social nature and a sexual nature. There have been significant observations having to do with, more specifically, physical child abuse. Physical child abuse is generally defined as the presence of a non-accidental injury resulting from acts of commission by an adult

  • Child Abuse

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    plastic tube before she died (Christianity). Child abuse, also called cruelty to children, was once viewed as a minor social problem affecting only a handful of U.S. children. With increased public and professional awareness has come a sharp rise in the number of reported cases. Child abuse among parents is on the rise because of the increase of stress, emotional and monetary strain. The increase of child abuse has risen all over the world. The abuse is getting worse, more and more children are being

  • Child Abuse: Literature Review: Effects Of Child Abuse

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    Literature Review Effects of Child Abuse One of the most obvious and damaging results of child abuse is death; however, research illustrating the effects on a growing child who has been abused has demonstrated many other lifelong negative factors (Felitti, Anda, Nordenberg, Williamson, Spitz, Edwards, Koss, Marks, 1998). In consonance children who suffer from abuse can show signs of depression, social withdraw, and even violent behavior. As a child grows older, they may suffer from poor physical

  • Child Abuse and Neglect

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    When thinking about statistics on child abuse, it’s very helpful to know that the idea of “child abuse” is very controversial. Recently, in particular homes and cultures, child abuse has come to be seen as a major social problem and a main cause of many people’s suffering and personal problems. Some believe that we are beginning to face the true prevalence and significance of child abuse. There is more to child abuse than just the physical scars; children are affected socially, mentally, and emotionally

  • Types of Child Abuse

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    Child abuse can cause horrible physical and emotional effects on a child. Often times these emotional effects will stay with them forever. There are several types of child abuse including physical, emotional, sexual, and general abuse. Detecting and reporting child abuse is one of the most important steps in saving an innocent child’s life. Child abuse is a growing a problem in the United States. Child abuse can go undetected for many years. By knowing the different types of abuse or how to detect

  • Proposal On Child Abuse

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    Introduction Statement of the Problem The topic I chose to research was all forms of child abuse. The four main types of child abuse is sexual, physical, emotional, and neglect. Child abuse is a big problem in the United States. Many kids are being abuse in our own neighborhood and homes, and must times goes unnoticed. These kids are suffering from the abuse and are not getting helped. They continue to stay in these dysfunctional and abusive homes that in the long run has effects on their mental

  • Child Abuse Essay

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    BACKGROUND AND JUSTIFICATION Child Abuse is a devastating social problem that impacts every section of the population. Child Abuse pose serious threats to the health, well-being, and safety of our nation’s young people. Most abused children suffer greater emotional than physical damage. An abused child may become depressed, this is a serious problem. Since the last update of the series in the early 1990’s, a number of new issues have arisen and significant changes have occurred in the service delivery

  • Essay On Child Abuse

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    “Child Abuse-A Growing Problem” Child abuse is one of the highest growing social problems in the United States. A social problem is, “a condition that a significant number of people believe to be a problem. A condition in which there is a sizable difference between the ideals of a society and its actual achievements” (Coleman et al. 2006:2). However, society has changed the way it views the issue, and is working towards finding a solution to this awful problem. Child abuse encompasses four main areas:

  • The Tragedy of Child Abuse

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    States more than three children die as a result of child abuse (Giardino, 2010). This statistic is too high and there need to be changes to overcome this problem. As a parent you are expected to take of your children and treat them the right way. This is not always the case and children end up being abused in the home were they are supposed to feel safe. Changes need to be made to medical awareness to help keep children safe. Imagine being a child abused constantly by an adult who should be taking