Child Abuse

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Pain hurts everyone, whether or not they let it be known or if they react to it. Everyone knows how pain feels because if not then no one would know what it feels like not to be in pain. A lot of times when people are hurt they let out an unappealing cry. A first instinct for children when they are hurt is to automatically cry regardless if it makes them feel better or not. Sometimes children get hit, though it may or may not hurt them they still cry because their feelings are mentally hurt at the fact that the adult figure finds it okay to put their hands on them. Surprised almost, that the idea of causing pain on you came from someone that should be nurturing and protecting them. Almost saying it is okay to have any sort of physical harm come from them from themselves as well as anyone else, let alone a stranger. Child abuse is one of many problems in this world and has been not fully looked at as a whole for it to be changed. Child abuse is a very sensitive issue and can be reduced if recognized the correct way.
Child abuse as a whole is the maltreatment of a minor. This abuse can be done by anyone not just that particular child’s parent. Physical, emotional, sexual and child neglect are the types of ways a child can be abused. There are many different types of child abuse but in all the outcomes are the emotional toll that child receives. Physical child abuse is when someone deliberately tries to cause bodily harm to a child, for whatever reason leaving bruises and broke bones. Not all physical child abuse leaves evidence that you can actually see. Emotional child abuse leans towards the lines of verbal abuse, hurting the child’s emotions by verbally making them feel worthless. Calling them out of their name, physically not sh...

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...child up for the better.
Child abuse is a lot more depressing as an adult. That person is older and wiser but still not always able to mentally understand what happened to them. This takes a great toll on the life of an individual depending on to what degree the abuse was, and cause a lot of mental and emotional confusion. Many child abuse victims do not know how to keep the right mind set and become crazy. They can be obsessed with doing to others as done to them, obsessed with sex, obsessed with revenge to the people or persons that hurt them causing a lot of conflict for everyone. This adds a lot of unnecessary conflict to the world that could be prevented all with just an ordinary person standing up for what is right. Child abuse in every form that it comes in is morally wrong though there are a lot of simple ways to stop it from continuing as much as possible.

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