Effects Of Child Abuse

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Courtney Seymour Ms. English English II CP 1 May 2013 Children and Abuse: The Reality Over 903,000 children were victims of child abuse and neglect in 2001. Child abuse is the physical, sexual, and emotional maltreatment of a child. The following scenario shows the severity of child abuse. An 18-year-old was charged with child abuse because she allowed her friend to repeatedly hit her baby while “play-wrestling.” The 18-month-old baby suffered from five rib fractures; lacerations to the liver, spleen, and pancreas; and bruises to the back, chest, and abdomen. Child abuse is becoming a major problem all over the world (Post and Courier). With the increase of parental drug consumption, the prevalence of mental problems, and the current economic crisis, child abuse is becoming a major problem with severe effects, so the government needs to legislate stricter laws and more efficient prevention programs. There are three different types of child abuse. There is emotional, physical, and sexual child abuse. Emotional child abuse is defined a parent or caregiver that interferes with the child’s emotional, psychological, and social development. Examples of emotional child abuse are ignoring or rejecting a child as punishment, calling them names that put their self esteem at risk, isolating the child that prevents the child from having a social life with their friends and family, and bullying the child or even terrorizing them. Approximately, 9% were victims of emotional or psychological maltreatment. Nationally, an estimate of 754,000 was victims of child abuse and neglect in 2010 (“Prevent Child Abuse New York”). Emotional child abuse can hurt the child in the future. Physical child abuse is the physical harm or injury of the child. Phy... ... middle of paper ... ... the rate of child abuse is increasing every day and our programs are not effective. Preventing child abuse can help avoid disabling conditions in children; physical abuse can result in brain damage, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, and learning disorders (“Better Funding of Child Protection…”). Every day, a child is being abused, like in this real-life situation which occurred in Jersey City. In this situation, a daycare worker, Ann Bactawar, was accused of abusing two toddlers. Prosecutors say Bactawar supposedly upended a boy who was standing on a box at the Sunnyside Academy Daycare Center in Jersey City. And Bactawar has a set bond of $100,000 and faces up to 10 years in jail (“Daycare Worker Accused of…”). Daycare owners should have better screening of their employees and closer supervision. Our children should have a better childhood for their future.

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