Child Physical Abuse

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According to Ellis and Boyce (2008), physical abuse is any form of unwanted personal contact towards another person or thing, which can cause physical pain, injury, or physical suffering. However Duhowitz and DePanfilis (2000) defined child physical abuse as an non-accidental form of contact towards a child by an adult, which can cause physical injury by kicking, slapping, beating, biting, or burning. Children can be physically abused at home, because of many problems, that a family may encounter. Problems such as, stress within the family, domestic violent parents, children living with alcohol and drug addicts, and family living in poverty. In this paper, I will try to determine the long-term effects children who are physically abused at home may encounter in the future. Causes: Causes of physical abuse in children, can occur due to many different reasons. A child can be physically abused at home can be result of stress within a family, causing them to become violent towards their children, where some parents may physically injure their child unconsciously (Johnson, 2007). Because some parents may live in poverty and are uneducated, they may not know how to treat or relate to their child(ren). They may think that when they are punishing the child for doing something wrong, when they are physically abusing a child. Because these parents do not know better,they will think that they are just correcting the behaviour of that child, when they are truly hurting them (Elsevier, 2007). Being single parents can also trigger a parent to be abusive towards his/ her child/ children. Single parents tend to have a lot on their mind, for example, taking care of their child/ children on his/ her own, playing both fatherly and motherly roles,... ... middle of paper ... ...ave Abusive head trauma, and impaired brain development (Williamson, 2013). Children who are physically abuse at home may be involved in juvenile delinquent, criminal activities and or drug and alcohol abuse. Because of the 'hate' that children who are abused store in them, can cause them to rebel and become very abusive towards authority, or higher people in society. They may turn to drugs and alcohol because it help to release some the tension that are stored up in them, its like a way out, free of worries or the pain that they feel (Rummell, 1993). According to Currie and Widson, (2010), physically abused children may have low-level jobs and encounter problems in the future like for example, having low income, unable to own a vehicle, house and or a bank account. Few children who are physically abused at home, dropped out of school resulting in low income jobs.
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