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    2.7 Chapter Summary This chapter has reviewed several concepts and theories relating to adoption, diffusion and use of web technologies including affordances, DOI, TAM and other aspects such as the factors determining and impact of learning styles on adoption, diffusion and use of WebCT, and integration of technology into pedagogical practices. Gibson (1979) defined affordances as all "action possibilities" latent in the environment, objectively measurable and independent of the individual's ability

  • Chapter Summaries: A Chapter Summaries Of Ishmael's Fiction

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    Chapter 1: The narrator is reading the newspaper and sees an advertisement that is asking for a student that is interested in saving the world. The narrator feels the advertisement is a scam and there will most likely be a long line of people interested in being his student. However, because as a child he looked for a teacher, the narrator decides to go find out whether the advertisement is a scam or not. The narrator is shocked to see no one in line but even more shocked to see that the teacher

  • Chapter One Summary

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    Chapter’s one summary Chapter one form the School Based Mental Health: A Practitioner’s guide to comparative Practices (Christner & Mennuti, 2009) starts by stating the importance of school based mental health in the US school. This need is due to the increasing number of students with internalizing problems. About 10% of a 44 million of students attending school daily will meet criteria for a mental health disorder. These findings suggest that the need for mental health services in-schools is of

  • Chapter Four Summary

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    Chapter Four gives a developmental perspective of addiction. There are multiple developmental theories that are used to understand the stages of life and how addiction is perceived in each stage. To begin, three developmental perspectives are discussed. Piaget’s developmental theory focused on cognition due to his biology training. This theory involved four stages: sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational and formal operational. Ford and Lerner’s contribution to developmental theory was

  • Chapter Six Summary

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    Consumer behavior affects the way in which buyers make purchasing decisions. A variety of influences affects individuals buying items for themselves, as well as for other people. Every buying decision a person makes is influenced by a variety of internal and external factors. Marketers must understand what influences consumers so they can decide what goods and services to offer, to whom and where. By fully understanding the factors that will influence, they can then develop products and services

  • Oliver Twist: A Summary Chapter by Chapter

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    Oliver Twist Chapter 1 Oliver Twist is born in a workhouse with the help of a drunken nurse and the parish surgeon. His mother, who they had found on the streets that night, has no wedding ring and after kissing her child on the forehead, dies. Chapter 2 Oliver is sent to a workhouse branch for children like him. The overseer is given a sum of money to keep each child healthy, but she keeps most of it for herself and lets the children starve and occasionally die. When Oliver turns nine, a

  • Huckleberry Finn Chapter Summaries

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    Summary: Chapter XXXVI Late that night, Tom and Huck, after much fruitless effort, give up digging with the knives and switch to pick-axes instead. The next day, they gather candlesticks, spoons, and tin plates. Tom says that Jim can etch a declaration of his captivity on the tin plate using the other objects, then throw it out the window for the world to read, just like in Tom’s novels. That night, the boys dig their way to Jim, who is delighted to see them. He tells them that Sally and

  • Huck Chapter Summaries

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    Chapter 1 The book starts off telling us that you may know Huck from another book called the adventures of Tom Sawyer. Which was also written by Mark Twain. In the first chapter, we figured out the Tom and Huck found a stash of gold that some robbers stole and hid in a cave. They both got $6,000 a piece. After they both got their shares of the money they had Judge Thatcher put it into a trust, in the bank. Once Huck was known for finding the treasure Widow Douglass adopted Huck. Widow Douglass also

  • Chapter Summary Of Francis Of Assisi

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    Chapter one, ‘Beginnings at Assisi,’ offers a vivid description of the social, political, economic, cultural, demographic description of Assisi and its inhabitants. Here, the author describes the life of Francis and the situations and circumstances prompting his journey to spread the ideal gospel life to the world. This chapter is relevant in determining the circumstances that instigated a need for reforms in the Catholic Church. This chapter is applicable in my life because

  • What Is The Summary Of The Hunger Game Chapter Summary

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    Plot summary Summary: Chapter 1 Chapter 1: In chapter one we are introduced to our characters in district 12 the coal mining district, Katniss wakes up. Finds her mom, pet cat (Buttercup), and her sister, Prim by her side. After getting dressed, she heads to the forest, where she meets her hunting partner Gale. After fishing and searching for berries, they head back home. On their way back home, Katniss and Gale stops at the Hobs, the black market. At the Hobs, they exchange their fishes with bread