Explain how Golding describes the setting of the novel in chapters 1

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Explain how Golding describes the setting of the novel in chapters 1

and 2 of The Lord of The Flies

Golding has a style of contrasting the good things and the bad things

about the island in ‘The Lord of The Flies’. The author also describes

the setting by using imagery extensively.

The author develops a positive ambience of an uninhabited island by

giving the island features that the reader knows are more positive

than negative. An example of this is when the author describes a

cirque on page 25. The author describes the boys position using: “They

were on the lip of a cirque”. The use of personification makes the

reader identify that the island is more like a person and not an evil

thing. If Golding had used a sentence such as “ They were on the knife

edge of a cirque”, then the reader would have identified the island

with images of danger and negativity. The author later similarises the

cirque with a waterfall. He uses the words: “Filled”, “Overflow” and

“Spilled” to make connections with a waterfall. A waterfall is usually

a thing of beauty, which can be found in national parks, and people do

not identify a waterfall as being a bad thing. The words also come in

chronological order. For example something cannot be spilled before it

is filled. This gives the reader a sense of natural series of events,

the feeling as if everything is occurring the correct order and

therefore the island is normal and passive. However, if the author had

mixed the words in the incorrect order then the reader might have felt

a bit confused and wondered about the safety of the island.

In contrast, the author describes the island as the children’s worst

enemy. On page 4 the author uses negative words to describe the

setting. Golding uses the words; “Coarse”, “Torn”, “Upheavals”,

“Fallen”, “Scattered” and “Decaying” to describe the shore and its

contents. Under analysis the words, “Torn”, “Upheavals” and “Fallen”,

mean that something is not in the correct position, that the island

does not seem to be right, that the island has an air of animosity.

The words are not pleasant words and hint to the reader that neither

is the story. The author describes how the coconuts are slowly dying

by using the word “decaying”. This poses the question: If things that

live on the island cannot survive how can a group of young school boys

from a different region? It suggests that the children are going to

die, just like everything else on the island. Eventually everything on

the island dies, the island dies from the uncontrollable fire, the

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