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  • Contracts and Change Orders in a Small Business

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    I began to use change orders in business because customers always want more than they have paid for, and the longer you work with a customer the more they feel entitled to free services. A change order takes place after an original contract has been signed by both parties, and additional work is required. A change order is most often used in construction and service trades when more work must be performed than originally agreed to, because conditions arise that were not originally known

  • Businesses Must Adapt to Change in Order to be Successful

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    In this is time of unprecedented change in our modern society, no business can be stagnant and still survive. The changes are occurring at faster and faster velocities. As examples, telephone, personal digital devices, TV, microwave, and environmental friendly and hybrid cars were not even in use decade years ago, and today these devices are commonplace, along with the computer, Internet, and fax. An ongoing change process is the norm, and when organization does not evolve with the environment, failure

  • Proposed Changes to Banking Regulations in Order to Improve the Foreclosure Crisis

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    Home foreclosure is an issue that I believe we can take control of. The problems start with the larger banks and this is where changes need to begin. We must create rules and regulations that favor the customer and not the bank. I do not think I have an innovative way to prevent foreclosures, I can only speak from my experience and knowledge but I do believe with changes in banking regulations we can protect the consumer and find ways to prevent foreclosures. I believe I have some insight to

  • Does Contemporary Globaliztion Constitute a Change within a Pre-existent Social Order?

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    globalisation constitute a change within a pre-existent social order; or is it (part of) a change of that order? Try to answer this question using at least 3 of the following concepts: multiculturalism, regionalism, human rights, gender, dislocation. You must exemplify your discussion with concrete examples (please try to avoid the "11 sept" example) This paper will answer the question above with the help of three concepts; multiculturalism, human rights and gender. In order to answer the question I

  • The Effects Urbanisation Is Having on Australias' Waterways and What Changes Can Be Implemented in Order to Safeguard Australias' Future

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    waste management should not be investigated further. It is trusted that by the end of this essay the reader will have an understanding of what eutrophication is; How human activities play a role; and how urbanisation planning can be improved, in order to protect Australia’s waterways. Eutrophication is the process “by which a body of water acquires a high concentration of nutrients, especially phosphates and nitrates. These typically promote excessive growth of algae. As the algae dies and decomposes

  • Book Review of School Leadership that Works by Marzano

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    Change is a double-edged sword (Fullan, 2001). Change is a word that might inspire or put fear into people. Leadership is challenging when it comes to dealing with change and how individuals react within the organization to the change. Marzano, McNulty, and Waters (2005) discuss two orders of change in their book School Leadership that Works; first and second. Fullan (2001) also adds to the discussion in his book Leading in a Culture of Change, with regard to understanding change. In Change Leadership

  • Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love

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    Frankfurt explains that what is essential to the self are the desires and cares that the self identifies with. In order for a self to transform then it must change its desires or cares therefore self transformation is possible through the modification of which it desires or cares for. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, claims to have transformed herself throughout the three years that the novel takes place, but did she actually transform herself? Elizabeth Gilbert was born in Waterbury

  • Law And Order Discourse And Law Case Study

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    The main purpose of this essay is to provide information regarding the changes in law and order discourse and policy over the last two decades which only relates to criminal activities and disorders pertaining to laws in England and Wales. The changes in the political response regarding crime and disorder in England and Wales and intersection with criminological knowledge have been observed in the last twenty years. The outline of this field can be implied in many ways, it contains the substantial

  • Nestle's Changes for success

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    been through major changes to expand the growth of the company and to succeed as a business. These changes vary from expanding into eighty countries as well as acquiring other companies. Discussion Questions Question 1 Nestlé has undergone many changes since the beginning. These changes include both first order and second order changes. First order changes are changes that “maintain and develop the organization” (Palmer, Dunford, & Akin, 2009, p. 86). One first order change that Nestlé underwent

  • Change Management Case Study

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    Question 1: On its most fundamental level, change can simply be described as the act of becoming different. In the context of our class we can describe it as monitoring and modifying infrastructures and processes within an entity. Change comes about through necessity or strategy in order for an entity to avoid being “destroyed” or as a means to grow and evolve. These changes are reactions to environmental changes, responding to crisis’s, increased competition, hedging risk, introduction of new