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  • Cell Phone Use

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    “It’s a sight that’s all too common now: teenagers never looking up, glued to their cell phones every hour of the day"(Bautista). Teens are being distracted one way or another, and taking advantage of what our technology is capable of. The use of cell phones by students across the state of Pennsylvania should be prohibited because students are more likely to cheat, cell phones cause distractions, and hallways will become hazardous. In a survey that was recently conducted, one third of teens with

  • Cell Phone Use

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    Cell Phone Use With technology on the rise, an important issue of social interaction and communication has risen with it. Many people have become heavily dependent on technology, unable to make it through a normal day without it. Granted, technology has provided society with many beneficial inventions, and for that we are grateful; yet, the sense of community that once resided around our homes has seemed to have all but diminished. For every branch of expansion this new technology “tree” grows

  • Cell Phone Use in School

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    Should cell phones be used in school to promote learning, stepping up into the 21st century education? Using cell phones in school would be safer, and would make parents more secure about being able to contact their children immediately if an emergency arises. It can also be used for educational purposes, for contacting others and doing assignments online. A lot of students have smart phones, which are more available, and higher technology than a lot of schools have. Schools that have started using

  • Cell Phone use in Classrooms

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    Cell phones in classrooms can be a powerful resource to students when used properly. They can be used as a helpful tool or aide. They can also be a major distraction. There are many problems with using cell phones in classroom, but I believe the good outweighs the bad. Learning when cell phones are appropriate and when they are not is one of the most important factors of classroom use. Some students don't know when they need to put their phones away and focus on what the teacher is showing them

  • Essay On Cell Phone Use

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    For many years, cell phone companies and researchers have debated about the effect of cell phones on the health of the user and have been assessing the dangers associated with the use of cell phones, including the potential to cause types of cancer. The cause for this concern, according to the National Cancer Institute, is that cell phones emit radiofrequency energy (radio waves), a form of electromagnetic radiation, and tissues nearest to where the phone is being held can absorb this form of radiation

  • Cell Phone Use in Schools

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    device is a cell phone, a smart phone if you may. Almost every teen today has a smart phone or cell phone that they carry around every where they go. These devices have the power to do many things and could highly improve the learning environment. Plus, there are many features of smart phones that could also improve the learning environment. It is foolish for teachers and schools not to take advantage of this fairly new technology. Every school and class room should be cell phone welcome and

  • Use of Cell Phones in School

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    technological advances, the cell phone has made life easier by connecting people from all across the globe. But the cell phone has also become a nuisance, now that there are countless applications at your fingertips. With all this high-tech data in one small device, students should not be allowed to use their phones during the school day because they are distracting, promote cheating, and can encourage theft. First, there is no arguing that cell phones are distracting. Sure, cell phones are wonderful inventions

  • Cell Phone Use & Cancer

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    The usage of cell phones has now risen to an estimated 5-billion plus; however, certain health issues over their usage still remain to date. These issues are mainly concerns over whether they do in fact either cause cancer, or at least provoke it. When a cell phone is used, it emits a radio-frequency energy in the form of a non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation which can be absorbed into the human tissues of the person that may be using it. Although, the amount of energy greatly depends on the

  • The Dangers of Cell Phone Use

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    A cell phone is a long-array, electronic device that is been used for mobile telecommunications, data transmission (text messaging or mobile telephony) over a cellular network of particular base station which is known as cell sites. Moreover, the current cell phone offers a lot of services which include SMS for text messaging, packet switching for internet access, email, gaming, infrared, MP3 player, GPS, radio, television, Bluetooth, Camera with a video recorder and MMS for receiving and sending

  • Essay On Use Of Cell Phones

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    The Use of Cell Phone The cell phones usage started in 1973. Motorola was the first company to invent cell phones. They produced first cell phones which were connected with the cars. (‘’http:’’). People were using car cell phones primarily for business. Companies started up dating cell phones technologies throughout the years. Cell phones technologies has variety of options. The use of google maps, which people use to find addresses, how many mileage people need to drive? Video chatting