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The amount of time people spend using their cell phones on a daily basis is astronomical. The condition that I will be discussing is the excessive use of cell phones and how people behaviors contribute greatly to this condition. People have become so addicted to using their cell phones that they tend to feel lost with out them. They have lost face to face contact abilities, along with a decrease in the use of language. These are just some of the issues that come along with the use of mobile devices. Other issues that have arose are the need for text stops and law that prohibit the use of cell phones while driving (1, 2). People have now become so dependent on mobile devices that they feel they are missing a limb when they don't have the device in their possession (3). These are some of the more serious issues while some minor ones include: excessive use and a lack of patients because information is just a tap away (4). The excessive use of cell phones leads to other harmful effects such as a loss in studies because of excessive texting, calling, and being on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. With these distractions students are not giving their studies their full attention, which then leads to poor grades. While the use of cell phones does have some good qualities the bad out weigh them. Distracted driving is another large problem that is occurring with the abundance of cell phones. Distracted driving is defined as a type of inattention that occurs while driving that removes attention from the road, to another activity instead (1). The incidence Rate is 231,052 accidents cased by drivers using cell phones and texting this year (2). This is becoming more and more prevalent recently. In 2009 the number of crashes involving cell phon... ... middle of paper ... ... government has also implemented laws and regulations in some states to make the changes mandatory. Some states have now made it illegal to use the phone at all while driving unless on a hands free device, while others have just made it illegal to text while driving. In 2009 24,000 people were injured because of cell phone distracted driving (1). The biggest risk of all that is associated with the use of cell phones while driving is death of yourself or someone else. No message is that important that you should risk your life or your education to receive it. Some of these behaviors need to be changed by a personal choice to improve their lives while other changes are being forced upon us to keep the road ways safe for everyone. By making just one of these changes during the day you will feel as though you have a new freedom from being attached to your cell phone.

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