Use of Cell Phones in Schools

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Studies show that 60 percent of students use cellphones in schools. Everyone has a different opinion on cellphone usage in schools. There are some places where phones aren’t allowed, but students are still using them. Many school districts around the country are very strict while many others are relaxed on their policy. A big group of educators believe that cellphones are a bridge to even more learning tools. Cellphones should be utilized to their fullest potential. The reason they should be is because students would be satisfied, schools wouldn’t have to buy as many computers, and the use could possibly be easier on teachers. Many school districts are against the thought of using phones in schools while others like a school district in North Carolina are all for the use of technology. Like many students say they are using the calculator on their phone these students are not just using their calculators their also using apps; these apps are linked to a network where students and teachers and also has games that will improve their math skills (Smith). That is one way teachers are using the new technology in their favor. Many schools have also introduced Bring Your Own Tech to School (BYOT). A handful of Advanced Placement and National Writing Project teachers have introduced BYOT; students have their phones so when their stuck on an assignment they can use it to help them out. Other teachers have students call each other to practice speaking another language (Higgins). Many students have their phone on and they are using them in class anyways. “I want to harness the power of having a personal computer at one’s diposal” said Klomp, Director of social studies for the New York district (Tyrell). The advantages of using portable te... ... middle of paper ... ... lot that many personnel are for the usage of cell phones in school likewise there are many personnel who are against the use of cell phones in the classroom. Many have ask the question if the use of cellphones in the classroom is dropping the students GPA. Works Cited Higgins, Josh. "BYOT: Bring Your Own Tech to School." USA Today 8 Aug. 2013: B6+. Siris. Web. 26 Nov. 2013. . Smith, Brad. "Math Goes Mobile." Wireless Week 15 Mar. 2008: 10-12. Ebsco. Web. 22 Jan. 2014. . Tyrell, Joie. "From Textbooks to Texting." Newsday [Long Island, NY] 17 Oct. 2011: A4+. SIRS Researcher. Web. 11 Dec. 2013. .
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