Pros And Cons Of Cell Phone Use In School

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The teacher asked us to look up an answer before quickly realizing that we were unable to use our phones in school. What is more irritating to her: the fact that her students could not have easy access to their phones to look up the answer or the few kids who are always distracted by their phones whenever she is trying to teach? Technology is becoming a new thing in this generation and trying to control the use of smart phones is incredibly hard. Aside from that taking cell phones completely out of students’ hands throughout the school day is unreasonable. I know that is how it used to be, but things change and we are growing up in a new time and age where we are surrounded by technology. Students should be permitted cell phone usage in school…show more content…
Which is a good point, however, there are scenarios that these types of people have not thought of. There may be needs where a child needs to stay in contact with a parent because of an illness or needs to make arrangements for after school activities. In today’s society, parents are becoming more and more concerned with their children’s location. According to research at NLCATP, 48% of parents monitor their child’s location using the GPS technology in cell phones. (“11 Critical Pros and Cons of Cell Phone Use in School”). These are a few reasons why children should be allowed to have their cell phones in…show more content…
Teachers are responding well to this because it enables students to better communicate to clarify with teachers on information they may not understand as well as join in or guide conversations in the direction he or she would like it to go. This has proven to be useful for the students that are shy and do not ask questions in class.
With the use of smart phones students are also able to research just about anything with the tap of a button. According to the NLCATP, most schools that allow cell phones to have internet access restricted to avoid abuses and students had to sign a contract saying they will be responsible with the usage (“11 Critical Pros and Cons of Cell Phone Use in School”). The use of internet is both a benefit to students and teachers and it is only more convenient when the source is in the hand of the student. So, instead of rejecting this amazingly, transformed technology, we need to embrace
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