The Use Of Cell Phones In The 21st Century

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Technology has made massive improvements since the 20th century. Those improvements have accordingly had a huge impact in teenagers’ lives. Before cell phones became popular within teenagers, they communicated differently. Some ways teenagers communicated before cell phones was by using landlines and face-to-face communication (Alcanta, 2016). Unfortunately, this has changed today in the 21st century. Now, most teenagers have smart phones that do everything teenagers have to do back then; teens no longer have to memorize phone numbers and spend time making a call to talk to their friends voice-to-voice, let alone face-to-face (Alcanta, 2016). All they need to do now is press a button and make a face call instead of having to go to each other’s…show more content…
In 2008 for example, 58% of 12-13 year olds had their own cell phones (Lenhart A, 2009). Later the number of teenagers who owned their own cellphones increased 72% had their own cellphone by the age of 14-17. Now 84% of teenagers own their own cell phones (Lenhart A, 2009). These percentages are increasing every year, meaning that more teens are being driven to the use of cell phones. In the 1940s the usage of landlines by teenagers was popular the bigger the cord the more privacy you would have. This is why when cellphones were able to send messages it became more popular within teenagers to text instead of calling one another because they get more privacy from “helicopter parents” (Greenblatt A, 2014). Helicopter parents are parents who pay extremely close attention to a child 's or children 's experiences and problems, particularly at educational institutions (Helicopter). As a result of cell phones not only did the usage of landlines decrease, but face-to-face communication as well. Time has changed since the 20th century. Many teens have drifted towards technology and are now constantly on their phones which affects their relationships, grades and
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