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  • Celebrities Are Celebrities

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    Celebrities: are they feminists, should we ask them whether or not they are, and in the end, does it even matter? There is currently a debate going on in modern media about whether or not asking famous celebrities whether or not they are feminists is important. Amanda Duberman of the Huffington Post is an advocate of asking celebrities because she feels that this can be a teaching moment for the rest of society as well. In her online opinion column, “Why We Need to Ask Celebrities Whether They 're

  • Celebrities Vs Celebrities

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    Looking back since I was a child I always wondered what happen to celebrities that became popular, or famous as some people call it, at a young age. We always hear in the new that - this celebrity is going to rehab or this celebrity just got arrested for a DUI. But we never hear about the ones that don’t do these things and live a normal life. For my research paper I am going to show the two sides of how fame affects the lives of celebrities. Two great examples of people who are total opposites now, but

  • celebrities

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    There are many people who believe that celebrities only think about themselves and that they aren’t concerned with anyone else’s problems. To me a Hero is some one that you can look to and who inspirers you to be a better person. A celebrity is someone who gets paid a lot of money to pretend to be a hero. There are many problems that face America today such as hunger, poverty and most importantly War. Contrary to popular belief there are several celebrities who are concerned and that donate millions

  • Celebrities Influence Celebrities

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    “Are celebrities more influential than a public health campaign.” Celebrities are powerful in captivating the populations attention on their chosen f issues, they can amplify a negative issue that they feel is not being addressed enough. When celebrities endorse health promotions their status can allow millions of followers to understand a certain issue, allowing people to donate and raise awareness for the cause. However, this often causes an ethical issue. Many celebrities do not decide to do

  • Effects Of Celebrity Culture On Celebrities

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    Celebrities have been around since the earliest of times, starting from the ancient greek olympic games(44 BC) until today. A majority of people around the world grew up having a celebrity idol varying from: singers, actresses, painters, poets, or even athletes. We looked up to them hoping that one day we could be in their shoes and the shining star that they are. Sometimes though the person we looked up to most made bad decisions and disappointed the people that looked up to them most. It is believed

  • Celebrity Issues In Celebrities

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    Many celebrities experience depression and may have substance abuse over the years from fame and fortune. Since most of the celebrities can afford to buy drugs and alcohol, they abuse it rights when they become reckless and do something against the law. For example, Robert Downey Jr. was arrested for substance abuse; however, he was released and was sent to a substance abuse treatment facility. Celebrity has the hardest job for being some remodels to children. They have to make sure they stay

  • Celebrity Culture And Celebrity Culture

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    Celebrity culture is a concept that is hard to pinpoint. This is due to the broad spectrum the definition of the word “celebrity” itself tends to take. Nonetheless, celebrity culture has a strong role that is embedded into our everyday lives. This is particularly evident when it comes to how society approaches topics such as gender and sexuality. Beyonce is strongly celebrated in the media by being constantly portrayed as the ideal role model for women and femininity. It would not be an exaggeration

  • Celebrities

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    The word Celebrity is defined as "the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed". The Latin root of the word, ‘celebrem' (celebrity), means quite simply, "Fame". However, with the presence of definition for the word, the questions "Who is a celebrity?", and "What makes a person a celebrity?" are raised. The answers to these questions are contained within two major points, how widely reputable a person must be, and also, what a person has done to achieve this reputation. In many

  • Celebrity Obsession Over Celebrities

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    People often look up to celebrities as role models, but aren’t aware of the way they live. The media doesn’t portray the obsession, the other side of fame, or their broad casting. The stories read were helpful to acknowledge the way celebrities have their positive and negative sides of fame, as well as their reality shows. Over all they relate to how a celebrity can handle the fame. Their lives aren’t normal compared to ordinary people. Celebrity lifestyle may not be the life one would want to live

  • Celebrity Wonderland

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    relationship we share with celebrities. The way we interact with the upper echelon of the social hierarchy, the rich and the famous, gives way to a intimacy and understanding our culture inaccurately believes we hold with celebrities, which creates a medium for unjust scrutiny. Based off the misconceived familiarity that we possess with celebrities, our culture mandates that they hold true to the way we tell them to live; as Daniel Harris describes it in his essay Celebrity... ... middle of paper