Effects Of Celebrity Culture On Celebrities

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Celebrities have been around since the earliest of times, starting from the ancient greek olympic games(44 BC) until today. A majority of people around the world grew up having a celebrity idol varying from: singers, actresses, painters, poets, or even athletes. We looked up to them hoping that one day we could be in their shoes and the shining star that they are. Sometimes though the person we looked up to most made bad decisions and disappointed the people that looked up to them most. It is believed that the fame and fortune can actually corrupt celebrities. Celebrity culture refers to the culture of popularizing certain people who have certain attributes that society has deemed exceptional. Celebrities can come from a variety of age groups and ethnicities. It is also believed that young child stars specifically seem to have a more difficult time coping with living the celebrity life.

Child stars can be made or known as celebrity children due to having parent celebrities. Being a celebrity is already difficult, but can be even harder at a young age. Most parents believe that their child can do and achieve anything, and when they notice their child has natural talent they usually push them to become better at that talent. That talent can vary from playing sports to singing. Most child stars with parents that aren’t
Oliver 2 celebrity stars, usually push their child more. These parents are often defensive about being accused of being a pushy parent, the parents simply defend themselves by saying “i just wanted to help” (charlotte Church’s mother). This is the general line of defense, “but parents have to enable children to be involved in show business”(O’Connor).

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...him but the world around him. He constantly gave back to society by donating million of dollars. Michael is one of very few celebrities who is able to continue his career as a celebrity but the benefit for both him and society is outstanding.
Growing up as a celebrity child can be difficult and have it’s struggles, but every child goes through difficult times. Though there are many positives to being a child star i believe that there are more cons to being one. overall if a child has to give up their
Oliver 6 childhood in order to please others we as a society are teaching them wrong. By being a celebrity child one is able to influence the society around them and show why they were chosen to shine so bright. Some stars rise and some stars fall, but we as a society can all thank them for making our life a little more entertaining.
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