Essay On Celebrity Culture

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When speaking on the topic of celebrity culture, Mic Mell, the author of “Is Celebrity Culture Destroying Our Society,” says that, “They make an easy object of obsession, as celebrities are ubiquitous. The paparazzi have helped this craze by blurring the line between private citizens and public persona.” In recent discussions of the fascination with celebrity culture, a controversial issue has been whether or not the obsession with celebrities that is seen in America has had negative emotional and psychological effects on women in today’s society. On the one hand some argue that it is not the portrayal of celebrities or the fascination with them that is the problem, but the mindset of the people being affected. From this perspective it seems as if a psychological response is not the fault of the media, but the fault of the observer. On the other hand however, others argue that the response women have to media is due to the way celebrities and models are portrayed. When speaking in reference to this issue, Jo Piazza author of “Americans have an Unhealthy Obsession with Celebrities,” says “Soon after the turn of the millennium, we saw the proliferation of weekly glossy magazines as well as a growth in televised celebrity news programming. This was followed in short succession by the rise of the Internet as a news resource, hence the onslaught of celebrity blogs.” Only a decade ago, there was just one or two ways for women to get access to this information, but now with access to the internet so easily acquired, and the magazines portraying women more as objects rather than people, has negative effects that celebrities portray are having greater effects on women. My own view is that cultural fascination with celebrity culture a... ... middle of paper ... ...use there are people with psychological disorders that respond to the spontaneous lives of the celebrities in a negative way. They become so obsessed with knowing everything about the celebrities life that they do not pay attention to themselves or their own needs. One way of addressing this problem is to cut down on reality television shows all together. Not only will this cut down on the fascination of fans, but it will take added pressure off the celebrities to be perfect at all times and boost their self confidence. Another way would be reducing the number of news sources we have. If there were less magazines and websites there would not be as much of a demand for paparazzi and with less paparazzi there would be less information and pictures on the celebrities. This would also be a constructive way of reliving some of the pressure of being a celebrity.
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