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  • Cassie Talaga

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    Cassie, Do you honestly think I have no right to be angry or frustrated? For the past 3 frickin' years, I've stayed up all nights some nights thinking about you and us; and, working my ass off to show you that, though there's distance between us, that you can bet your life that my love is there and strong for you. I know what you feel when you say that you need someone and something to touch. I've finally gotten in touch with you in a way that I can hear your voice. Just as I was saying in my last

  • Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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    lessons they need to be successful in life. First, the Logan children; Stacey, Cassie, Little Man, and Christopher-John, learn to be persistent and determined. Next, the children acquire the knowledge of caring for each other. Last, they become able to stand up for what they believe in. An example when the Logans teach their children strong work ethnic occurs when Papa explains the importance of owning their land. Cassie considers her father's words as she thinks: For it he would work a long

  • Analysis Of The Book 'The Secret Circle'

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    Circle Book 3 By: LJ Smith Explain how Cassie- the protagonist- goes from being a meek mouse to becoming a strong and capable leader, despite her own self-doubt. In the beginning of The Secret Circle series, Cassie is skittish about everything. Cassie hides in her shell constantly, which causes her to get herself into trouble. The first time Cassie and Adam see each other in New Salem they kiss each other. Because Adam is dating Diana, Cassie’s closest friend, Cassie feels the need to keep their kiss

  • Incest in Kings Row

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    they can be easily forgotten under the thick melodrama that sweeps you into the storyline. Perhaps the most disturbing character to me was Dr. Tower. I mean, really, who is this guy? From the beginning I could detect a kind of strange dynamic between Cassie and her father. After she and Parris swim together as children, she says that if her father finds out she's been swimming with Parris, he would "take a switch" to her. At first I thought maybe he was strict about her coming straight home from school

  • Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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    loyalty, honesty, friendship, personal integrity and respect for others. Although Jeremy Simms and TJ Avery are fairly minor people in the book, their characters are used to inforce and strengthen the themes of the novel. We first meet TJ Avery when Cassie, Stacey, Little Man and Christopher-John are walking to school. Right from the very start we find out that none of them actually likes TJ, except for Stacey. The reader sees that he is a liar, a cheat and a coward. He is ashamed of being black and

  • Christian Teens

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    and discrimination many have the strength to maintain a spiritual life. However Klebold and Harris, the shooters at Columbine High School, had a loss of a sense of sin. They killed innocent people, one of whom was Cassie Bernall, a devout Christian. When a Columbine gunman asked Cassie Bernall if she believed in God, she allegedly replied, “Yes, and you should too.” Moments after hearing this reply, one of the gunmen put the gun to he head and took her life. Such a strong testament of her faith in

  • The Secret Goldfish

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    Michael Alliant’s secret goldfish had never been a secret. The incident happened long ago, but nobody ever seemed to remember. Except for Michael. After all these years, every piece of the pain was carved in his memory, as if he was always there, always making the mistake. He was eleven, an appropriate age to start to learn things. It all started with an early evening of September, on the day Michael bought his favorite pet, a goldfish. It was nothing special as a common goldfish: dark eyes

  • she said yes

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    I read "She Said Yes" by Misty Bernall. The publishing company is The Plough Publishing House, and it is 140 pages long. Cassie Bernall, a 17 year old junior at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, was a typical teen having a typical day, when two rampaging classmates put a gun to her head and asked her if she believed in god. She said yes. Its a story of growing up in the 90’s, of peer pressure, adolescents, turmoil, and the role parents play; a story of tough choices and the battle between

  • Titanic Retold by Cassie- Creative Writing

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    My name’s Cassie and I have a story to tell. This is the story I remember. I can only tell you this story without the facts, I can tell you it the way it happened to me. I can’t tell you how long ago it happened. I’ve lost all sense of time. My mind is warped and I don’t really understand what happened that night. I guess my story must begin on Christmas day 1911. I was 8 at the time. I lived with my father George Turn. We lived in a little flat in Southampton, and he was my hero. I never

  • Personal Reflection: Volunteering To Help The Community

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    During this class I have accomplished many things when it has come to my learning. I have learned how to handle different situations and handle them differently; therefore relationships do not end poorly. I have learned how look at things from a different point of view and realize that not everyone goes through the same dilemmas everyone else goes through. With this class servicing learning has a whole different explanation to me. It use to mean donating your time and services to help someone in

  • Roddy Doyles Paddy Clark: No More Laughing For Paddy

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    Roddy Doyle's Paddy Clark: No More Laughing for Paddy Yer Name Here Poetry/Fiction Paddy Clarke Roddy Doyle's Paddy Clarke HA HA HA was a beautifully written book. It perfectly captures the mind of a ten year old boy in Ireland during the mid- 1960's. Paddy Clarke, the young boy who Doyle uses to enter the mind of a ten year old, is a boy who most can relate to. The book explores most aspects of life through the eyes of Paddy. Doyle takes us through childhood and childhood's end. Doyle is able

  • Cassie Parks 'Learning To Love Yourself'

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    Learning To Love Yourself By Cassie Parks Feb 17, 2013 Making the decision to love yourself is a tough but important one to make. It is only at the point that somebody chooses to love herself that she can move forward happily with her life. One of the first steps on the way to self-love is to think about all the things that make a person great. People can nurture themselves by thinking of things they enjoy about themselves. They should also understand how important it is to become their own best

  • Character Analysis Of Cassie In Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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    Standing up for what you believe in will help you throughout many situations. Cassie, from Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor, was the most courageous character in my opinion. She showed she could stand up for what she believed in by showing she was courageous and standing up for her family. Throughout the book Cassie showed she was a sassy and outspoken girl who loved her family. Cassie proves her courage by standing up for Little Man, taking back to Mr. Barnett at the mercantile

  • The Use of Cassie as the Narrator in Taylor's Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

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    The Use of Cassie as the Narrator in Taylor's Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Cassie is an intelligent, outspoken, self-confident, and independent young girl who is also the narrator of the novel. Roll of thunder, hear my cry, is a coming of the age story for Cassie as she awakens to the true extent of racism in the south over the course of her tenth year. As she narrates the events, this leads her to mature and grow up. There are quite a few factors, which need to be examined to respond to

  • Character Analysis Of Cassie Logan In Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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    overcoming obstacles or fears. In the book Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, by Mildred Taylor there is a very courageous girl named Cassie Logan. She stands up for her family no matter what obstacles she faces. She stands up for what she thinks is right. Cassie proves her courage by standing up at the Barnett store, standing up for Little Man, and standing up to Lillian Jean. Cassie Logan stands up for what she believes in. She is very strong because she is so opinionated. She stands up for her rights about

  • Mildred D. Taylor's Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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    main character, Cassie, to show courage. Cassie and her family have gone through some tough times that they have to get through. Cassie shows courage through when she was the bigger person to Lillian Jean in Strawberry, when she stands up to her teacher for Little Man, and when she helped T.J. In the book Cassie showed her attitude and how she wasn’t as afraid as she thought she was. How would you feel if someone shoved you and you had to apologize to the person who shoved you? Cassie went to Strawberry

  • Thunder Hear My Cry Quotes

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    brave actions, and don´t let anyone get in your way.In Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry the author Mildred Taylor introduce a very sassy and courageous character named Cassie Logan. She has to stand up for her family throughout the book. Cassie is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, even if it might get her in trouble. Cassie proves she has courage when she stands up for Little Man at school, when she is at the Barnett store, and she is willing to stand up for T.J even though his mean actions

  • Heart of Stone

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    Cassie was a 14-year-old girl who had a lot going on in her life. One of the major parts of her life was her love life. It was very complicated, and for her, it was very difficult to understand and to keep track of. One cold spring night, Cassie was playing on her laptop with one of her best guy friends, Ralph. They were just goofing off, laughing, having fun, and playing on various computer games. Ralph and Cassie were having a lot of fun tonight, laughing a lot more than usual, when suddenly Ralph

  • Wintergirls

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    feel a thing. In reality, she is just cold. Cassie and Lia had not been friends in a long time, and the night before this, Cassie had called her 33 times, each time Lia sending them straight to voicemail. Since the day Cassie’s family moved across the street from Lia’s mother’s house, Lia and Cassie were best friends. They did everything together, and were basically joined at the hip! That was all fine and safe until one year when they were twelve. Cassie had just come back from summer camp, and it

  • Roll Of Thunder Hear Me Cry Character Analysis

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    Hear Me Cry, Cassie and Stacey had a lot of growing up to do. Like when Cassie was in the Mercantile and Cassie started complaining about how Mr. Barnett was helping white people before he was helping T.J. Mr. Barnett kicked Stacey and Cassie out of the store. Then while on the sidewalk, Lillian Jean and Cassie ran into each other. Lillian Jean demanded an apology from Cassie for running into her, then Cassie apologized. That wasn’t good enough for Lillian Jean though, and said that Cassie should walk