Character Analysis Of Cassie Logan In Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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Courage is a action that you do when you are overcoming obstacles or fears. In the book Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, by Mildred Taylor there is a very courageous girl named Cassie Logan. She stands up for her family no matter what obstacles she faces. She stands up for what she thinks is right. Cassie proves her courage by standing up at the Barnett store, standing up for Little Man, and standing up to Lillian Jean. Cassie Logan stands up for what she believes in. She is very strong because she is so opinionated. She stands up for her rights about being black. She is very fearless. She knows that what is happening is wrong, and she knows that she will do anything in her power to try to make a difference. What would happen if you didn’t know that you were mistreated? What would happen if you stood up for yourself but didn’t know that you could …show more content…

After the incident with Mr. Barnett, Cassie walked out of the store because she was kicked out. As she was confused and upset Lillian Jean was walking towards her and purposely ran into her. Cassie ignored it and tried walking on. But Lillian Jean would not let her go any farther. Lillian Jean demanded an apology. Cassie would not apologize because she did not do anything wrong. Lillian Jean told her to get in the road. Cassie refused. Then out of the blue, Mr.Simms grabbed Cassie’s arm and twisted it and said, “Get on the ground.” He pulled her on the ground. Then Big Ma came out and went straight to Cassie. Big Ma got frightened and made Cassie apologize to Lillian because she knew that because they were black, that they had to do what white people said or else they could die or face consequences. “I ain’t nasty”, I said. Cassie was courageous in this scenario because she told Lillian Jean no. Also, she refused to do what the whites

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