Analysis Of The Book 'The Secret Circle'

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Adyson Leonard
Mrs. Desens
American Literature 3rd Hour
8 March 2014
The Secret Circle Book 3 By: LJ Smith
Explain how Cassie- the protagonist- goes from being a meek mouse to becoming a strong and capable leader, despite her own self-doubt.
In the beginning of The Secret Circle series, Cassie is skittish about everything. Cassie hides in her shell constantly, which causes her to get herself into trouble. The first time Cassie and Adam see each other in New Salem they kiss each other. Because Adam is dating Diana, Cassie’s closest friend, Cassie feels the need to keep their kiss a secret and swears to Adam that she will never do anything to potentially hurt Diana again. Faye, the most devious witch, sees the kiss and blackmails Cassie. Cassie does not want to upset Diana so she continues to do what Faye wants her to, submerging her deeper and deeper into Faye’s plan. Eventually Cassie gets the nerve to tell the Circle that she kissed Adam and did horrible things for Faye to keep Diana from finding out about one kiss. The Circle immediately forgives Cassie; as does Diana.
In the second book, Cassie starts to understand witchcraft and her friends more. Cassie is faced with continuing murders throughout New Salem, the death of her grandmother, and her mother’s possible death. Cassie ultimately becomes strong willed because of these circumstances.
In the third book of The Secret Circle, Cassie is the most powerful witch. Cassie understands that she has unknown powers and tries to use them for good. She is now a leader figure in the Circle and has to seem as though she constantly is aware of what she is doing and knows what needs to happen. She recognizes Black John is her father, and tries to cope with that with the support of th...

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...hat was inevitable. There were a few plot twists which did make the ending interesting, like how Sean, a young and cowardly witch, was accidentally killing the innocent victims under Black John’s spell. Another interesting plot twist was when Faye completely turned to the dark side of magic, became the leader of the coven, and then left the Circle to connive with Black John.
I disagree with the critics when they said the book was heatless…it just needed so much more work. The rising action was way too slow and the falling action went way too fast. It was like Smith wrote a first draft when she was sleep deprived, had the editor check for grammar and punctuation errors, and had the book printed. It wasn’t the best work.
Overall, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that the book was horribly boring or bad, the book was not well written and there wasn’t a good storyline.

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