Case-control study Essays

  • Recall Bias in Research Design

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    different for cases versus control (RAPHAEL, 1987). The possibility for recall bias exists whenever historical self-report information is elicited from respondents (RAPHAEL, 1987). Therefore, the potential for the occurrence is likely to be greatest in case-control studies or cross-sectional studies with retrospective elements, as well as some cohort prospective and control randomized trial designs (Hassan, 2006). Since recall bias is an undesired element, intended to potentially distort the study, the initial

  • Critical Evaluation of Epidemiological Study

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    Study Objectives and Design An outbreak of Salmonella Saintpaul (S. Saintpaul) in Australia lead to an investigation, aimed at finding out what caused the increase in the number of human infections. The outbreak occurred in six Australian Jurisdictions with its epicenter in the South eastern mainland between September and November 2006 (Munnoch et al., 2009). The cases were confirmed by isolating the strain of S. Saintpaul in faecal specimen, by detection of routine surveillance (Munnoch et al

  • Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: A Literature Review

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    Studies of the disease were found by using the Texas A&M Corpus Christi library through electronic search of temporal lobe epilepsy. Four primary research and one review article were used to complete this literature analysis. The articles discussed are condensed in Table 1. Regarding EI in patients with TLE and patients with extra temporal lobe epilepsy was a case-control study that had three groups. Group 1 consisted of forty patients with TLE. Group 2 consisted of thirty patients with extra temporal

  • Research Design Essay: Evaluation of the Design of an Experiment

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    beneficial in many various aspects. Firstly, it can assist in maintaining current knowledge through reading other empirical researches, developing critical and analytical thinking skills and to practice the research process in order to carry out further studies (Christensen et al., 2014). In the current trial, similar techniques will be employed to critically describe and assess the design in terms of raising any issues related to the experimental design. The present trial consists of an environmental psychologist

  • Case-Control Study

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    The study’s methods may be deemed internally valid. Case-control studies are especially vulnerable to selection bias during the selection of cases and controls. This study selected all participants from a population-based surveillance system. Since the presence or absence of NVP, the exposure, had no influence on the registration of NTD cases and matched controls, selection bias due to faulty sampling procedures was minimized. Likewise, the high participation rates (>80%) and low levels of missing

  • Critique of Scholarly Article on Guns and Crime

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    leads to higher homicide rates. Further research is needed to determine if a casual relationship is at all present and then to ascertain the true nature of the potential link. Kellermann, et al. relies upon their analysis to call for stricter gun control measures but because of the unreliability of their conclusions, these findings cannot be accepted as valid. The memo will show these concerns and demonstrate how the analysis provided on Gun Ownership as a Risk Factor For Homicide in The Home is not

  • The Green Mountain Resort

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    Case Study of the Green Mountain Resort Introduction In this week’s assignment we will discuss the images of managing change and how they relate to the case study of the Green Mountain Resort. First I will identify the change images held by key players in the case study. Then we will look at how the assumed change images influenced dealing with the issues in the case study. Then we will apply an additional change image to the case study and discuss the possible outcome. Then finally I will discuss

  • Perspectives of Strategic Communication

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    reward programs is dependent upon the company’s ability to communicate effectively with employees. This week’s assignment looks at case studies of two different companies. The first case study, The Power of Rewards at Industry International (Conrad & Poole, 2012, pg. 92), explores a company’s use of a reward system and the fundamental problems that arose. The second case study, Empowerment, or Iron Cage? (Conrad & Poole, 2012, pg. 133), examines a company’s use of self-managed teams and rule making as

  • The Case Study Method

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    physical processes involved. The case study method offers ways to analyze these complex processes using various subunits of analysis. This paper will discuss the case study as a method and discuss how this can be applied to my own research. The second part of the paper will discuss survey methods, an important tool in the case study approach. Case Studies The case study as a method is defined as “an empirical inquiry that investigates a contemporary phenomenon (the “case”) in depth and within a real

  • Essay On Professional Journey

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    Case Study Of Professional Journey Of Two Couples In Medical Profession Introduction The researcher aims to explore the professional journey of two couples in the medical profession. These two couples were being observed by the researcher for many years now, and it was noticed that one of the couples expanded their profession while the other appeared to have decayed in their profession. It is possible that whatever is apparent is not the story. Each one has a different story; some people seem to

  • Experiences and Characteristics of Absconding Patients from Psychiatric Units

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    first, by Intansari Nurjannah, Mary FitzGerald & Kim Foster, was a yearlong case study that looked into the experiences of patients who had absconded from psychiatric facilities in Indonesia. The experiences were documented through 16 semi-structured interviews, focusing on qualitative information. The second journal article, written by Eimear Muir-Cochrane, Krista Mosel, Adam Gerace, Adrian Esterman & Len Bowers, was a study of the characteristics of absconding patients from a psychiatric ward in Australia

  • Young Males Take More Voluntary Risks Than Any Other Social Group

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    idea of voluntary risk taking has been brought to the fore front of sociological debate. It is clear that in a society where people spend a great deal of time avoiding risks there are also people actively seeking to take part in risks. Why is this the case, and are there certain groups within society more prone to this type of risk-taking behaviour than others? In order to address this two part question effectively it is first of all necessary to discuss what voluntary risk-taking is referring to. Once

  • A Case Study in Technical Communications

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    In 2005, the City of Houston’s Bureau of Air Quality Control (BAQC) terminated the contract it had with a state agency, to conduct enforcement of state rules and regulations (Williams & James, 2009). Ranked consistently among the United States’ worst cities for air quality and pollution control, the previous collaboration with the state was ineffective with applications and processes that were cumbersome to maneuver through for both employees, entities, and citizens (Williams & James, 2009). The

  • Fleet Safety At Abbott Case Study

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    : . Fleet Safety at Abbott Case Study Exhibit 3 Behind-The-Wheel (BTW) Rating Ranee Spradlin Columbia Southern University This paper examines the case study of Abbott Pharmaceutical Products Division. The chart symbolizes the vertical bars by the calendar year. The chart elements represents the two bars for each year with the number of vehicle accidents per that year reflected formulations of percentages for drivers with and without behind-the-wheel (BTW) training (Abbott,2001). The

  • Organizational Development

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    organizations understand how people act to change and which change methods can work with the resistance to change that usually occurs in organizations undergoing change. As my concentration of SPS program is organizational development, it is important to study Organizational Intervention & Change Implementation in order to know how to operate and make use of change methods that seem to be vital in solving any problems that arise. What I First Learned about the Course In this course, I have learned that

  • Anger

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    The article “Culturally Sensitive Treatment of Anger in African American Women: A Single Case Study” by Antonio Gonzalez-Prendes and Shirley A. Thomas, focused on the treatment of anger within African American women based off of culturally gained attitudes and beliefs. Gonzalez-Prendes and Thomas suggest that three main important issues influence the “experience and expression of anger in African-American women” (p.383). These three main issues include gender role socialization on anger expression

  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Case Study

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    There are several methods for conducting research, and one particular quantitative/qualitative method is the case study. This paper tries to expose advantages and disadvantages of using such a method to conduct scientific research. Furthermore, this piece of writing will identify and consider certain characteristics of a case study. Definition of a Case Study A case study is a research approach used to obtain results that provide insight and contribute to our understanding of a complex issue in

  • Case Study On Corporate Venturing

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    Introduction: Corporate venturing is an activity that helps organizations diversify their business and build a competitive advantage. This report discusses case studies of three chosen corporate ventures and thoroughly discusses the lessons learnt from each case study that can help other corporate ventures operating in a similar industry to learn from. Each case study is compared with the other to analyze the similarities and differences in attributes possessed by them. These qualities are analyzed from a market

  • Importance Of Values In Project Management

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    The main area of study selected for this study is ethics and the application of one of its principles, i.e. values in project management framework and it is evident from the conclusions of different studies used for this paper. All in all, after the comprehensive search results, 48 outcomes were realized and out of these 48 outcomes, only 10 were finally found to be actually relevant to the theme of this study. To facilitate the purpose of this paper, 4 peer reviewed journals were used and included

  • Two Case Studies of Anorexia Nervosa

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    necessary nutrients to function. Two case studies describe individuals who try overcoming their emotional and psychological battles as they suffer from AN. Both case studies reveal strengths in their findings that have important future implications, but also limitations in the research design that may undermine the strength of the results. A case study conducted by Dolhanty and Greenberg (2009) demonstrates an emotion-focused treatment approach and steps to a case formulation that serves as a guide