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Case Study Of Professional Journey Of Two Couples In Medical Profession Introduction The researcher aims to explore the professional journey of two couples in the medical profession. These two couples were being observed by the researcher for many years now, and it was noticed that one of the couples expanded their profession while the other appeared to have decayed in their profession. It is possible that whatever is apparent is not the story. Each one has a different story; some people seem to be overtly successful in their lives while the others do not. It is possible that the couples might consider them successful or might not consider at all. As success is a very subjective term, what is more important is the journey that one travels through to achieve what is desired. Journey is all about how one avails the opportunities at hand and deals with the threats encountered. How one copes with the stresses in professional and personal front. How does decision making influences the life journey and how satisfied a person ultimately feels. The researcher got interested to study these couples and explore their journey. Exploring the journey from the researcher’s angle and not from what is visible from outside. Sometimes composite factors play a vital role, the researcher was more interested in studying them. The researcher would not like to start with any kind of hypothesis or fixed definitions of professional journey. However, literature related to the components of journey, factors responsible for success and failure in the journey were reviewed as well as discussed with the members of the advisory committee. It was decided to study these components in depth using the case study approach. The behavioural sciences began to do resea... ... middle of paper ... to study the success syndrome factors which are responsible for professional and personal success. The case studies that the researcher came across were of big players. Not much Indian Cases have been studied with respect to their life journey. The researcher aims to study how people function. An average person has never been explored. There is hardly any in-depth study explored in an average Indian medical profession. The main aim of the researcher is to stimulate a new research on the topic that has never been touched upon. It gives a deep insight into the matters that are otherwise not considered. In this research, the researcher wants to study the couples from the medical profession who are not nationally or internationally known. But are self made and have their share of troubles. The researcher shows special interest in studying the factors for growth.

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