Fleet Safety At Abbott Case Study

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: . Fleet Safety at Abbott Case Study Exhibit 3 Behind-The-Wheel (BTW) Rating Ranee Spradlin Columbia Southern University This paper examines the case study of Abbott Pharmaceutical Products Division. The chart symbolizes the vertical bars by the calendar year. The chart elements represents the two bars for each year with the number of vehicle accidents per that year reflected formulations of percentages for drivers with and without behind-the-wheel (BTW) training (Abbott,2001). The safety and health study of vehicle accidents and their study indicators where management supported fleet driving operations verus those who did not support the BTW training. The Abbott case study reflects in exhibit #3 behind the wheel training versus drivers who had non-training. Before 1999 their was no type of training like this mention in research. Today working with new hires fleet organizations chose to developed a plan to equip our new-hire drivers with safer driving techniques and teachable skills to enhance a new understanding of the day-to-day risk our drivers face behind the wheel. The following questions have been asked: 1. Based on the information in the case and Exhibit 3 of the study, would you recommend behind the wheel training for only new hires or for the entire fleet of drivers? Explain why you came to this decision. Contrast Scope To answer the first question one must see where we were, where they were, and what projections did they set for a 6 year projection goal. Abbott case study updated version 2012, or even now 2013 percentage rates. In 2013, Abbott global vehicle accidental rate had improved by 6 percent from the 2012 rate, to 4.8 accidents per million miles driven (Abbott, 2013). The long t... ... middle of paper ... ...r insurances the duty to inform and the responsibility to enforce and the rates of fatalities are decreasing and with all the studies written all point to one thought process “training”. Reference Abbott (2005), Exhibit 3 – effectiveness of behind-the-wheel training. Retreive From. https://www.osha.gov/dcsp/success_stories/compliance_assistance/abbott/abbott_casestudies/slide64.html Hendricks et al., (1999). U.S. Department of Transportation,National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Traffic Safety Programs Office of Research and Traffic Records Under Contract No. DTNH22-94-C-05020. Retrieve From. http://www.nhtsa.gov/people/injury/research/UDAshortrpt/UDAsummtechrept.pdf McKillips,(2003). Fleet Safety Protecting drivers & the bottom line. Retrive from. http://www.asse.org/practicespecialties/transportation/docs/ps1003mckillips.pdf

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