Case Study On Corporate Venturing

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Corporate venturing is an activity that helps organizations diversify their business and build a competitive advantage. This report discusses case studies of three chosen corporate ventures and thoroughly discusses the lessons learnt from each case study that can help other corporate ventures operating in a similar industry to learn from. Each case study is compared with the other to analyze the similarities and differences in attributes possessed by them. These qualities are analyzed from a market positioning perspective.
The success factors in a broad sense are identified and categorized that can help other firms competing or otherwise to incorporate. Although lessons are learnt from the case studies the report discusses the difficulties other firms might have in adopting these success factors as part of their organizational culture.
Case Studies:
There are three Entrepreneurs whose ventures are analyzed through individual case studies. They are
a) Jeff Griffiths
b) Greg Stamboulidis
c) Mr. Khurelbaatar
From the case study of Jeff Griffiths, one of the most important lessons organizations can learn is the importance incorporating a business structure that operates through a divisional framework. Furthermore his business structure ensures to strategize in a manner that failure in one component of the business does not lead to a failure in the other. It can also be inferred from the case study that an entrepreneurial idea by itself cannot contribute to the success. Emotional, psychological and financial investments have to be planned and implemented by motivated individuals at a time when the window of opportunity is open(Pech 2009). The case study lesson for other organizations can be characterized under three d...

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