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  • Concealed Carry

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    the United States about six million people have a concealed carry permit. Everyone of the fifty states allows concealed carry to varying degrees. The states allow concealed guns partly because guns are proven to reduce crime rates by an average of five and two thirds percent(Concealed Guns). Although guns are allowed in all of the states, they are not allowed in most government and school buildings. Qualified adults should be allowed to carry concealed handguns because guns are an effective form of

  • Concealed Carry

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    defend, to protect, and to be more responsible than the common citizen. Concealed carry holders reduce crime by having a firearm active within a moment’s notice to defend against all sorts of threats. The definition of defense is the action of defending from or resisting an attack. Open carry refers to when you have a firearm holstered and the handle of the weapon is visible from two or more sides. Concealed carry is covered by an article of clothing or garmentMany rapes and robberies could be prevented

  • The Right to Carry

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    Skeptics have begun questioning the value of cellphone ownership as the number of unfortunate incidents regarding improper private phone use increases. Doubts emerge as to whether carrying a mobile phone is worth the trouble. Distraction and thoughtlessness run rampant among most of the country’s current citizens. Notwithstanding these certain details, mobile phones perform many valuable functions, with very little effort required, all in a moment’s time. Whether in dire situations where cellphone

  • Why Should Students Carry Concealed Carry On Campus?

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    alley while walking home from her night class and was sexually assaulted. Megan did not ask for this calamity, but she did ask to be allowed to carry a concealed weapon on campus to protect herself. In this case it was too late for Megan, but maybe this unfortunate event can be used to help others like Megan in the future. Students should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus to protect themselves from rape and assault or if a school shooting were to occur. Despite the fact that

  • The Things We Carry

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    The Things We Carry C.S Lewis once said, “It’s not the load that breaks you down. It’s the way you carry it.” In our life, we carry numerous things that we never imagined would weigh so much, or that we would even carry in the first place. We bring some of the things because of necessities, whereas, we just carry the others because they have an intrinsic value for us. One of them is a cellphone which is one of the greatest necessities of mankind now because of the vast advancement in the world of

  • Open Carry Justice

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    government wants to control who can and cannot carry a firearm. The government however needs to realize that being able to carry a weapon is a constitutional right as well as a freedom of choice. The 2nd Amendment allows United States citizens the right to bear arms. This in itself is the same concept of open carry. Minneapolis Gun Rights Examiner, John Pierce was once asked in an interview “What do you say to those 2nd Amendment supporters who oppose open carry?” In response he answered, “If you are a

  • Allowing Concealed Carry

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    One of the largest conversation topics currently in the United States, next to Obama Care, is whether or not citizens should be allowed to carry a concealed gun, and if so, what requirements need to be met to obtain a permit. The Texas Department of Public Safety did a study in May of 1999 that showed us permit holders in the state of Texas alone estimated 0.246 percent of all aggravated assault crimes that took place due to the use of a deadly weapon. A man applied for his concealed handgun permit

  • Stuff We Carry

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    Should you carry a lot of gear when hunting? Many people believe that it is better to bring a lot of gear when hunting ,but there are also people who think less is better when it comes to gear, personally I think that’s it’s better to have more gear because the way I see it, it’s better to be safe than sorry. But that’s why I wrote this paper so that you can decide which is right for you or which you would rather have. According to David Petzal and his blog titled “The Stuff We Carry” he states

  • Carry On, Sister Warrior

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    met who had a great impact on me and inspired me profoundly. Her name is Glennon Doyle Melton. She is the founder of Momastery which is probably one of the biggest mom blogs on the Internet. She is also the author of the New York Times bestseller 'Carry On, Warrior'. For her Blissdom appearance Glennon sat on the Social Ettiquette panel with, amongst others, Glen Canning, the father of Rahtaeh Parsons, a teenager from Nova Scotia who attempted suicide after being gang-raped and cyberbullied (and

  • Soldiers Carry Analysis

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    soldiers carries, and sense that the items the soldier carry have their significant meanings and role for warfare. Therefore, the story reflects O’Brien’s reality experience in the Vietnam War, and illustrates what soldiers carry in the battlefield. Furthermore, the things that these soldiers carry in the war can be classified as things that soldiers need, things that soldiers hump, and things that relate to their mission and rank. One of the classification categories that soldiers carry is based