Persuasive Essay On Concealed Carry

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Everyone has had that time in their life where they feel that they would be safer if they had some sort of protection, concealed carry is a great option for protection. Over the years it has been growing in popularity, more and more people are going out and getting their concealed carry permit. With more and more people going out and getting their permit, some may view it as dangerous, while others feel it is a necessity. Concealed carry is essential because, it allows added protection, has certain restrictions that the person must meet, and if guns are handled properly they are not as dangerous
Concealed carry allows the person with the permit, to walk around with an added safety precaution. In today’s day in age, it never hurts to have extra …show more content…

In the event of an attack, would people rather have to fend for themselves without a weapon, or have a person with permit that would allow them to take down the attacker, and potentially save many people’s lives. It is very similar to the statement, “would you bring a knife to a gun fight?” In Atlanta, “an armed guard disarmed the shooter moments after the 1:50 p.m. shooting in a courtyard at the Price Middle School in southeast Atlanta” (Hawkins, 2013). When people like the guard are allowed to have weapons, they can save the lives of many …show more content…

Concealed carry can help minimize this, because of the requirements that must be followed, and the training that must be completed. Little do people realize, that more than 80% of these mass shootings which are taking place, involved illegally obtained weapons (msnbc). Which means that the shooter does not have any training, and they are planning to cause harm with them.
Not everyone can go out and get a concealed carry permit. The answer to that question is plain and simple, no. Each person who plans to get a concealed carry permit, must go through a background check (CCW, 2013). This is not only for their safety, but also for the safety of others. Having unrestricted people running around, is dangerous for everyone. In the state of Wisconsin, and many other states, all concealed carry permit holders must be over the age of 21, they also can have no gun restrictions, whether it be criminal history, or gun obtaining

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