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702 words

Texas has just released the new open carry policies. Personally I prefer this new rule, because with a concealed handgun people will try anything. People are crazy these days so you need protection, they like to rob people so basically protection for all times. At this point of time there are a lot of crazy people with wrong intentions. They can wake up and just want to hurt somebody for no reason. With the new open-carry policy as you can now protected protect yourself efficient from these crazy people. You also have to be careful for those people who like to ride especially if they’re in a group you won’t be able to do nothing with a taser. So with a concealed handgun they will be less tempted to try you knowing that you have a good to better …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that texas has just released the new open-carry policies, because with a concealed handgun people will try anything.
  • Opines that people should take advantage of the open carry law and get a pistol to protect themselves from dangerous people.
  • Opines that the open carry law should be paid for when people can use it for themselves because everybody is not trustworthy with having guns under their control.

So equipped with your handgun they are now less of trying to pull your card, because they know they’re going to have a right to shoot you at out of self-defense so it’s good in certain ways they Incorporated it in Texas now people can now better protect themselves from the Predators. There are a lot of crazy people in the world. Some people don’t know how to properly defend himself so on January 1st 2016 it allows people to have a license to carry a handgun in the same places that allowed the license carrying of concealed handgun. So describe crazy people are less tempted to do anything out of the ordinary noise it can also be loaded as long as it’s in the shoulder or belt holster. Sometime self defense classes will not be enough to protect your cell from a group of people now that you can openly carry a handgun the crime rate will go down because people now know people are curious about if I want. Also people can know feel a little safer knowing that people will not try them because they have a gun for protection. Everybody needs protecting in some time the police is not there to help so you’re going to need some way to protect yourself from these dangerous

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