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    Career Goals When I married nearly 5 years ago, I suddenly needed to relocate and find a new job where my husband and I decided to reside. I was working as a department manager for accounts payables and assistant bookkeeper, a position I acquired through many years of experience and time with the company. It was over two years before I found a suitable replacement job and in the meantime I had a long commute to work and home everyday. Eventually I accepted a substantially lower position and pay then

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    I always knew what my career goals were when I went into high school. Ever since I was little I wanted to become a professional boxer and also a police officer. I knew that these jobs had a great risk to injury. Even though I didn’t need to go through a full four years of college for my career goals, I wanted to get a business degree just in case I got hurt on the job and for when I retired from those job. The reason why I wanted these career goals was because I wouldn’t find my job entertaining

  • Career Goals

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    Career Goals            Over the past few decades, people have drastically changed the way they choose their career. Times have changed a great deal, and people no longer feel forced into a certain profession. People are now given endless choices and possibilities, and it is up to them to decide what they want to do the rest of their lives. When facing these important decisions, it is very easy to become confused. I once was very uncertain about any career goals I may have had, but now, I am

  • My Career Goals And Goals

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    Career ambition is also one of the biggest motivations for me to apply for the master programme. Upon graduation, I plan to work as a business analyst in the high-tech companies such as Baidu and Tencent, to specifically gain experience in user behaviour analysis. As I am a person seeking changes and enjoy evaluating and analysing data, creating solutions and communicating with many people, I hope to apply my skill to manage change in line with company goals and even to improve social welfare. My

  • Career Goals

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    Everyone, if you’re lucky enough, has a moment in their lives where a single incident occurs that forces a complete and total reevaluation of any future path. For some it’s the birth of a child or for others, finding out that there is really such a thing as life after death. However, there are far too many that discover life altering experiences are not so pleasurable. For those like myself, there is a darkness that falls upon us within seconds. Evil rears its ugly head and, for what feels like a

  • My Career Goals And Goals

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    applying to college would have been my highest goal and accomplishment. However, my current goals and ambitions include not only attending UCLA, but to graduate Nursing school with at masters in nursing. I realized settling for second best was not good enough, in order to excel in college and perform my best in my undergraduate studies I need to be determined, focused, and goal oriented. Being admitted to UCLA and into the school of nursing are goals, which now I feel are very close that I can almost

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    made adrenaline pumping in to my veins. All this along with opportunity to get exposure to highly sophisticated systems on board ships, which was fodder for my technical bent of mind seemed perfect for my adventure seeking personality. Through out my career progression I have made such decisions like joining LNG shipping pool of my company and seeking extra professional qualification of eligibility to sail on diesel engine driven as well as turbine driven ships Looking back after nine years, I could

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    talk about my purpose plan and go over my goals, interest, and strengths that will help me to be successful in my education a career goals. My goal is to graduate the Fire Science Academy with my Associates in Science degree in Fire Science, EMT certification, and my Minimum Standards certification. To add on to my goals, I would like to complete these three things in the two years that Valencia would like me to complete them in. My short term education goal is too graduate this program with in the

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    My personal career goal is to do Information Technology (IT) and how I’m going to achieve that goal is by going to a community college to start off with and then go to a four year college. When I get my Bachler’s degree I will go further into my career into helping my job fix computers when they are broken down. The process of deciding to pursue a career as an IT was is an easy one, but that process has helped me define my career goal, be realistic about what I want, and plan thoughtfully about how

  • My Career Goals And Goals

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    Despite some uncommon and potentially inhibiting circumstances, I 've succeeded in high school. Perhaps not by the standards of the world, but I have accomplished my own goals and exceeded expectations I had set for myself. My academic curiosity and tendency towards perfectionism, have helped me maintain a 4.0 grade point average while taking on several challenging courses. My freshmen year I took a psychology course online and passed with an A. I 'm currently taking two AP courses and an honors