MBA Admissions Essay

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MBA Admissions Essay

After graduation from KOREA University, I decided to enter Hyndai MotorCompany(HMC), which is the largest Korean car manufacturer and global player, to pursue a career as an international businessman. In January 1991, I joined Domestic Finance Team of HMC. My specific assignment was to plan monthly and annual financial schedules for HMC's domestic funding needs. About two years later, in January of 1993, I was transferred to Retail Finance Team from Domestic Finance Team and responsible for financing by the sales and factoring of Car Receivables.

First Challenge the expertise for strategy formulation implementation within a changing business environment. In May 1994, I was selected as a member of Task Force Team that prepare to set up HMC's own finance company. During my six-month assignment, I worked under pressured time constraints. After lots of conflicts with Ministry of Finance and Economy, we got government approval in late 1994. This opportunity provided me with valuable experience in every aspect of business and team experience. Working with the extremely qualified and professional upper management was valuable in shaping my career goals. Especially, during my business trip to Hyundai Motor Finance Company in CA, USA, the international exposure increased my confidence and desire to pursue a career in international business. After the expiration of the Task Force, I was given the option between joining the newly established Finance Company and remaining in HMC. At that time, International Finance Team(IFT) offered to work together with them. I accepted the proposal because I wanted to further expand my international exposure. Second Challenge the enhancement of the global perspective and strategic vision required to successfully compete in a globalized business setting. In January 1995, I was trasferres to IFT and took over two jobs of financing Foreign Direct Investment and Investor Relations. In march 1995, HMC was planning the biggest foreign direct investment in India ever since the failure in canada, and I, together with my two subordinates, was responsible for project. Despite the fact that only three months had passes after taking a new position. I could carry out the complicated processes on the project. partly owning to the past force team experience.

Third Challenge : Throughout my wor...

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... The program is clearly not a perfect substitute for experience, but I believe it would program would also allow me to further research my business ideas through the experiences of my peers, independent study, and related summer employment. This would let me have a deep understanding, as I hope, of financial and other market structures, competitiveness, and other factors that a consultant needs take into account when recommending whether to pursue a career as an international business consultant.

My long-term professional aspiration is to enter the field of international management consulting. A MBA from your school in interdisciplinary studies will enhance my understanding of all aspects of business. This will contribute significantly to becoming effective in the consulting profession. I am extremely enthusiastic about the future of International Business. I believe that there are major breakthroughs yet to be made in the field. After completing a MBA in your school, I hope to gain practical experience and exposure with a major international business firms. Eventually, I wish to establish my own consulting company providing various financial and managerial services.