Importance Of My Career Goals

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I. What is this educational goal and why is it important to you?
My educational goal is to study all the aspects of owning a business. I want to receive my Bachelor’s in Business and Administration. Once I accomplish that goal I would like to further my education. I plan to attend Kaplan University for however long it takes me to receive a Master’s degree. Reaching my educational goal is my success to own my own business.

II. Your Strengths: What skills, characteristics, and experiences do you have now that make you a good “fit” for this short-term goal?
My skills, characteristic, and experience will help me achieve my short-term goals. I will use the Kaplan resources that the school provide for its student. By setting a time limit on
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What is this career goal, and why is it important to you?

My career goal would be to become a Healthcare Administrator. I plan to graduate from Kaplan University with a Bachelors in Applied Science. This career goal is important because it will help me come closer to my goals. This degree will also make me stand out from some of the applicant who only have an associates degree. Becoming an Healthcare Administrator will require me to make some career goals.
II. Your Strengths: What skills do you have now that make you a good “fit” for this long-term
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I have worked for many years taking care of people. I have worked with the young, old, healthy and sick. Also, I have a wonderful personality and very easy going. Working with people whom I can help really makes me happy. Achieving my long-term goals will be easy because of my skills, characteristics, and experience.

III. Your Weaknesses: What skills and/or experiences will you need to gain in order to ensure that you will achieve this goal? TIP: You might visit the O*Net Online™ to see what kinds of skills are required in your career field.

Some skills I would need to gain in order to achieve this goal is a work in progress. I would need to have knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, leadership techniques and coordination of people and resources. Some important skills I would need to have are reading comprehension, active listening and critical thinking. These are some of the skills that will help me achieve my goals.

IV. Your Plan: What are some of the obstacles or challenges you might encounter as you work towards achieving this goal (refer back to your weaknesses)? How will you respond to or strive to overcome these obstacles/challenges? Make sure to identify at least two specific career resources from the Unit 9 Reading that might be

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